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    View of a road under construction, large machines in the background
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    View of a road under construction, large machines in the background
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    View of a road under construction, large machines in the background



Operation CleanSweep - Summer Time

By Commissionaire WO Gary Harrington

Posted on Thursday August 20, 2020

During the summer months, there are maintenance responsibilities that come with living in the Residential Housing Units.

1. Your grass must be cut on a regular basis.
2. Garbage must be in the proper bins to avoid the animals in particular this year with the bears seeking other food sources.
3. Ensure that waste is in the correct bin.
4. Break down and bundle large cardboard. Particularly TV and moving type boxes.
5. Flatten and break down blue bin waste so it fits in the bin.
6. Return bins to your residence ASAP after collection.
7. Do not put out garbage until the evening before pick up.
8. Use only black bags for normal garbage.

NOTE: Please refer to your Town of Petawawa Collection Schedule for information on recyclable practices at www.ovwrc.com


It would be difficult not to notice that several of our streets, in particular Falaise, Dieppe and Caen Streets and Goch Crescent, are under some very serious construction. Many trucks, heavy equipment, miles of water lines above the ground are just some of obvious signs that, as in years past, these streets and the infrastructure below the ground is under major repair. This is a major project that will last until the fall.
I encourage all residents to pay close attention to what is taking place, particularly when it comes to our little ones. As interesting as the work might be, particularly to the kids, we all must be aware of our surroundings.

There are times that this work may have an effect on your daily lives, like having to use a different road to access your RHU, or having to park a distance away from your RHU, as well as the dirt, mud and sand due to the work being done. These are just some of the downfalls that you must have to adjust to.

I encourage all residents who are affected to please be patient and persevere. The long term affect is worth every bit of the inconvenience, in that when the work is complete there will be new infrastructure below the ground that is sound, new roads, sidewalks, driveways, and sodded lawns.

On behalf of 4 CDSB Personnel Services and the Canadian Forces Housing Agency, a big shout out to all our residents for your perseverance and understanding.

If you have any questions to what as residents of the Residential Housing Units are responsible for, please refer to your Occupancy Handbook at www.cfha-alfc.forces.gc.ca

We all have a responsibility in keeping our environment a clean and safe place to live and play.
Pro Patria