Another way of looking at “Buy Local”

Submitted by Environment Services

Posted on Thursday, December 6, 2018

Many of us have been realizing that the Holiday Gift Giving season is very quickly approaching.
“Festive Season” activities on the Garrison are being planned, community Santa Claus parades are happening throughout the Valley. And for some, the grumbling has begun as the snowflakes start swirling outside our windows, as we realize that the shovelling season is upon us once again.

In an era where gift cards and “buying on-line” are so often considered an environmentally friendly solution to gift giving, perhaps there are other means to filling those ever growing lists.
The “Buy Local” slogan has innumerable economic benefits, however, there are environmental benefits as well. Buying from local businesses can be done without the fuel consumption of a trip to larger shopping establishments, and there are many lovely local shopping opportunities across the Valley. In addition to supporting local gift shops, there are many, many craft shows and fairs right in our back yards, not to mention that most of the summer farmers’ markets also have a “Christmas” Version!

If you check the listings in local papers and bulletin boards, many of them are happening in the coming weeks. These gift shopping opportunities provide unique opportunities that the box stores just can’t offer.

From an environmental perspective, these gifts are most often the most environmentally friendly, as they have been created by local artisans, on local soil, from locally grown materials. They haven’t been shipped from halfway around the world, and as the customer we haven’t spent hours of fuel on the highway to get them.

Trips to many of the upcoming events can be combined with visits to local shops, and the lists can be filled quite quickly with a bit of planning. Our children can visit Santa at local markets, local charities and organizations benefit when we have our lunch at craft fair bake sales. And we see and speak to the very person who created that prized unique gift for the recipient (now there’s a concept that on-line just can’t cover).

Another environmental benefit is that most of these products have simple or even re-usable packaging, not the large boxes of crazy plastic that take ages to cut into and eons to break down in our landfills.

So take heart, and head out into our Valley and experience the many benefits of buying locally this Season.