Town of Petawawa council approves 2021 municipal budget

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday February 11, 2021


During its Feb. 1 meeting, the Town of Petawawa council agreed on an increase of approximately $19.25 per $100,000 home assessment as part of its yearly budget.

“As always council remains committed to seeking sustainable efficiencies which will positively impact future residents,” said Mayor Bob Sweet.

This property tax hike will vary per household as the average home within the municipal boundaries has been assessed at $252,000. The average home on is currently selling at $359,875.

Flat water rates for residents per unit will increase by $14.49 and will be set at $366.78. Commercial owners will pay $495.15.

Metered water rates will be $1.4079/m3 for commercial/industrial/institutional and bulk water sales with a minimum of $123.79 per quarter. Garrison Petawawa will pay $1.139/m3.

As for sewer rates, residents will see no increase and continue to pay $463.70, and commercial property owners will pay $644.54.

Meter rates for commercial, industrial and institutional properties will be set at $1.4856/m3 with a $161.14 minimum rate per quarter. Garrison Petawawa will pay $1.3378/m3.

Garbage, recycling and organic waste collection and disposal will cost each resident $215.

These tax dollars will provide high-quality services and help maintain the area’s infrastructure, confirmed Sweet.

“The rates have been calculated in support of the current provisions of efficient service and ensure the sustainability of these vital assets well into the future,” said the mayor. “Our reputation for providing high levels of service at reasonable public costs remains unchanged.”

The town is looking to spend $4.6 million on its roads and related projects in 2021. This includes the rehabilitation of Portage Road, Hilda Street, Scott Avenue, Laura Street, Airport Roadand Biesenthal Road in addition to the replacement of the culvert at Kramer Avenue.

Active Transportation works include improvements at Laurentian Drive and the erection of road signage. The Petawawa Fire Department will receive a new bush truck, and the department has put money into reserves for a future pumper truck. A community service pickup truck was added to the budget as was a backhoe for Public Works. Community Services will move forward with their design work for Laurentian Highlands’ Park with much-needed boat launch repairs and solar lighting replacement for the highway.

Several other projects were also agreed upon, notably the rehabilitation of the Petawawa Civic Centre.

Over $1 million has been budgeted for renovations at the facility. This project will include renovating the arena floor and boards as well as the washrooms upstairs.

The town will also continue to pursue partnerships with neighbouring communities to provide top-notch programs, activities and services to residents.

In total, the town has set aside a budget of $20,729,682 for 2021 expenses.

The breakdown includes $1,868,302 for general governance expenses, $1,165,300 for fire protection, $1,790,193 for policing, $207,050 for animal control and bylaw enforcement, $233,727 for building inspection, $7,672,353 for transportation expenses including renovations, $2,030,808 for enviromental services which includes waste disposal, $5,068,049 for community services and culture expenses
and $687,555 for planning and development.