What can I do to maintain a clean and safe environment during winter in the Residential Housing Units?


Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

1. Ensure your steps and walk ways are clear of snow and ice.

2. Spread salt and sand mixture on your walkways and steps.

3. In particular after Christmas, ensure large cardboard boxes are broken down.

4. Please refer to your Town of Petawawa Collection Schedule for details on waste management issues.

5. Pick up after your Pets.

Parking on streets during winter makes it very difficult for snow removal, and sand and salt crews to be effective, also the Waste Management vehicles. Please use the overflow parking in your area, to include your guests.

I encourage residents who do not have the environmental nets to drop by the Canadian Forces Housing Agency office to pick them up. They are absolutely Free for all RHU residents. They can be picked up during normal winter working hours from 0900hrs to 1600hrs. They do work well, particularly when it is windy.

We are all responsible to take the proactive approach rather than a reactive approach.

Residents: If you are planning on being away from your residence for more than 48 hours, please ensure you complete the Extended Absence Form, which can be obtained at CFHA.

I mentioned in the last article the construction projects that were in progress on many of the streets in the RHUs were hard not to notice. Parking away from your residence, dealing with the dirt and debris and the disruption of your daily routines were just some of the pitfalls.

Well there is light at the end of the tunnel. New roads, sidewalks, and driveways, not mud, deep holes and heavy equipment. This was completed just before the first snowfall.

The two outdoor rinks, one on the North side at the junction of Melfa Avenue and Pegasus Street and the South side rink beside Canex are open for your enjoyment. Play safe!

On behalf of the Canadian Forces Housing Agency and 4th Canadian Division Support Services Petawawa, would again like to acknowledge the patience and perseverance all our residents that live in the areas where the construction took place have shown.

It is all in an effort to provide a safe and clean environment in Garrison Petawawa Residential Housing Units.