Nick D’s collecting $25 Loblaw gift cards for Petawawa Pantry

By: Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday, January 25, 2018

After hearing about the Loblaw bread price-fixing scandal, Nick DiGiacinto knew that he could turn it into something positive.

He is looking to the community to donate their $25 dollar gift cards to the Petawawa Pantry.

“I was watching the news one night and saw that some Canadians were getting their Loblaw gift cards and giving them to food banks,” said DiGiacinto. “I thought it was a wonderful idea and thought about how, if everybody did this, it would be a huge help to the people who need it the most.”

If 100 people donate their free gift card that would be $2,500 for the food bank to help stock their shelves.

He chose to give back to the Petawawa food bank as he found the town very supportive when he was starting his own small business. He is the owner and operator of Nick D’s Lawn and Property Care. Though his business is very new and is principally a summer job, he has been very fortunate to find success locally and is incredibly grateful for the support from the community.

“It’s my way of showing the community that has given me so much that I care and that I am thankful,” said DiGiacinto. “Also helping out people less fortunate than I am is always something that I am looking to do.”

Since he is currently in his second year of Police Foundations at Mohawk College in Hamilton, he asked his father, Petty Officer 1st Class (PO1) Andrew DiGiacinto, to help collect the gift cards and then bring them to the Petawawa Pantry.

“Any amount we can get would be great,” said PO1 DiGiacinto.

To be able to donate the free gift card, individuals must register at then follow the provided instructions. Once the gift card is in hand, contact the DiGiacintos at, by texting 613-281-1578 or by sending a message through Nick D’s Lawn and Property Care Facebook Page. PO1 DiGiacinto will pick them up and then give them to the Petawawa Pantry.

Nick D’s Lawn and Property Care has also teamed up with two local businesses, Line-X and the Petawawa Animal Hospital, and gift cards can be dropped off there as well.

“Hopefully once this starts up, other businesses will do this in their own communities,” said PO1 DiGiacinto. “So originally, it was just a Petawawa thing but Nick was thinking that it could grow and help throughout all throughout Renfrew County.”