Unit Environment Officer Course


Posted on Thursday January 16, 2020

On January 8, 4 CDSG Env Svcs conducted its annual two day Unit Environment Officer (UEnvO) course to the personnel that are slated to take on that role at their respective Units.

The UEnvO is a small, but important role within a Unit. They are the main link between their Unit’s Chain of Command and the 4 CDSG Env Svcs team.

Some of the main responsibilities of the UEnvO include:
• Advising the Unit CO and unit members on environmental issues;
• Disseminating any new environmental policies and procedures;
• Coordinating any environmental reports or returns;
• Assessing the Units projects and activities to determine if any mitigation measures are required and ensuring they are implemented; and
• Planning for Unit environmental protection needs.

Throughout this course, both military and DND personnel were taught about the various Federal and Provincial environmental laws and regulations and how these apply to the activities and exercises they conduct, both on and off DND property.

They were taught how to effectively draft an Environmental Impact Assessment for Unit level exercises and what types of mitigation measures could be employed based on a variety of activities.

It was also discussed why it is important to incorporate environmental aspects in the planning stages of all exercises. For example, permits from federal or provincial authorities can take many weeks to obtain, proper

planning can alleviate last minute pressures and the risk of not obtaining required permits in time.

Participants learned about the Army Environment Program, and how it is designed to facilitate military training by ensuring the overall sustainability of our training areas. The concepts of pollution prevention and sustainability was discussed and how these can be incorporated into everyday Unit activities and exercises.

The UEnvO course is a CF and DND wide certified course and skills learned here in Petawawa can be transferred with an individual wherever they go. Please contact Nicole McGregor via email at Nicole.mcgregor@forces.gc.ca for more information on the course.