Reaching fitness and nutrition goals with Phoenix Rising Fitness Center

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday January 23, 2020

Phoenix Rising 24/7 Access Fitness Center offers continuous access to a fully equipped cardio and weight room, as well as a separate 1,500 sq ft space for powerlifting, strongman and cross-training, and fitness classes like morning Bootcamp, lunchtime HIIT, TRX, Obstacle Course Training, yoga and spin.

“I think we are different because we can offer something to everyone of any fitness level,” said owner Amber Newton. “We have knowledgeable and certified trainers, who each specialize in something different.”

The business officially opened its doors on December 1, 2019, and it isn’t just a place to work out.

Phoenix Rising offers education on nutrition as well as training as they are integral to one another. The body needs the proper fuel to sustain the workload during exercise and it needs to be refuelled for proper growth and recovery. In addition, proper nutrition is a vital tool to make the lifestyle changes necessary for losing weight and achieving overall fitness goals.

The training programs are designed to not only train clients, but to educate them on the whys of nutrition and training. Ultimately, their job is to ensure the client can sustain these changes once they no longer need to train with them.

“In order to ensure success, we need to give them as much as we can,” Newton.

The staff is also well trained and passionate about the work that they do.

“Lisa is an amazing bodybuilding coach and a National Level Bikini Competitor; she also runs our TRX and OCR classes,” said Newton. “I love working with athletes. I love competing and coaching powerlifting and am excited about our powerlifting club to take off. We are working on bringing a Powerlifting Competition to Phoenix Rising in the coming months.”

They are also anticipating offering seniors/low impact and pre/post-natal mommy and me classes.

As well as helping people from all walks of life become fitter, Phoenix Rising is also a safe place or injured soldiers who need help recovering from mental or physical injuries. Newton said both her and her husband are serving members of the military, and she struggles with physical and mental health issues from her service. She knows personally how hard it can be, especially in those weeks and months waiting for help.

“We are working on a great program that focuses on Mental Health Recovery through fitness,” she said.

Pheonix Rising is located at 1356 Pembroke St. Pembroke, Ont and more information can be found at