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    Dust Control Flags in Garrison Petawawa RTA. (Photo by T. McCadden)

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    Environment Technician, Dwight Brown, installing dust control flags. (Photo by T. McCadden)



Dust Control in the Garrison Petawawa Training Area

By Environment Services

Posted on Thursday July 13, 2017

For everyone who has driven the gravel roads in the Garrison Petawawa Range & Training Area (RTA) knows just how dusty that drive can be, sometimes barely being able to see the vehicle in front of you.
In order to reduce dust generation and thus improving visibility and safety, Real Properties Operations Unit (Ontario) Detachment Petawawa has a Standing Offer Agreement (SOA) for the application of a dust suppressant to the gravel roads in the RTA. The dust suppressant is a 35 per cent solution of calcium chloride.

4 CDSG Environment Services Petawawa works with RPOps Det Petawawa to develop a Due Diligence Environmental Effects Determination (DDEED) which outlines the mitigation measures the contractor must adhere to throughout this project.

One of the key mitigation measures is that no spraying shall occur at any water crossings or wetlands. This is to prevent potential harm to aquatic habitat and sensitive areas. In order for the contractors to know where exactly these zones are, Environment Services places bright lime green utility flags at each location along all of the main gravel roads in the RTA.

The flags will remain in place until early October, when the Environment team will then collect them for use again next year.