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    Valour JK-12 School celebrated its Class of 2017 on June 29. This year’s Valedictorian Regan Jones (second from right) was presented the Valedictorian Shield by 4th Canadian Division Support Group (4 CDSG) Commander Colonel Mark Misener (right) accompanied by 4 CDSG Formation Sergeant Major Chief Warrant Officer Bill Richards (left). Also pictured is Grade 10 student helper Jessica Rannou (second from left), one of several students who assisted during the ceremony. (Photo by Lisa Brazeau, Petawawa Post)

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    (Photo by Lisa Brazeau, Petawawa Post)



Graduation marks “significant milestone” for Valour Class of 2017

By Lisa Brazeau

Posted on Thursday July 13, 2017

With a toss of their graduation caps, 99 Valour Voyageurs closed another scholastic chapter in their lives, leaving high school with the “ability, skill, knowledge and dedication to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of,” said Valour JK-12 School Principal Bryan Baird.

“In life there are significant milestones that help shape you. This is one of those moments,” he said to the students, staff, family and friends who gathered in the gymnasium June 29. “Be fierce in times of adversity, be relentless in your pursuit of excellence. You are in charge of the next phase and the possibilities are limitless.”

Prior to the presentations of diplomas, medallions, awards and scholarships showcasing academic and athletic excellence, several guest speakers offered congratulations to the students, as well as advice for their future endeavours.

Among them was 4th Canadian Division Support Group Formation Sergeant Major Chief Warrant Officer Bill Richards, who challenged the graduates to strive each day to be a better person than they were yesterday.

“Be that trailblazer. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. There is a tremendous amount to learn about making mistakes. Just ensure that’s not the only way you learn,” said CWO Richards, whose daughter Malika was among those graduating. “Stay true to yourself and your ideals. It’s got you this far, and although adulthood is a continuous roller coaster of challenges and ventures, victories and disappointments, all of which slightly sculpt who you will become, don’t lose the essence of yourselves.”

This year’s recipient of the Ontario Principal’s Council Award for Student Leadership, Valedictorian Regan Jones said he approached his graduation day with mixed emotions. “There is fear, determination, anxiety, curiosity, but not a sense of finality,” he said. “It’s time to turn the page in the story of our lives, but never close this chapter. Hang on to the memories and the lessons high school has taught you.”

Reflecting on their beginnings at General Panet High School, Jones remarked the Class of 2017 is the last class to have walked those halls. “The building is gone but the memories remain,” he said. “We found our way around the hallways, forged new friendships, and embarked on what has been the best four years of my life. I would not be where I am today without the strength and support of those friendships.”

Offering his personal thanks to teachers who helped him along his four-year journey, Jones asked his classmates to “be ambitious, be curious. Knock on every door that you can, If the door does not open immediately, don’t give up…seek out that opportunity and stay determined in reaching your goals.”

A number of other awards and bursaries were handed out during the ceremonies.

Top academic standing honours went to Joshua O’Connor, the recipient of the Governor General’s Academic Award.

Richard Nieman received the Technical Medallion and Rhys McLoughlin took home the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award.

Renfrew County Grade 12 Medallion: Connor Bennett, Rebecca Bolduc, Zachery Buschold, Haley Cotnam, Lindsay Coulas, Madison Fleming, Jason Gibson, Kaitlyn Hambleton, Abigaile Hoelke, Kimberly Jones, Regan Jones, Tristan Jordan, Neval Kearney, Marianne Maurice, Scott McLean, Maria Montgomery, Richard Nieman, Cailey Meere, Joshua O’Connor, Hayden Oelke, Emily Sherret, Renee St. Cyr, Erin Stacey and Tatum Verille.

The Specialist High Skills Major diploma: Connor Bennett, Christina Boss-Cozza, Alyssa Cliche, Hayleigh Crosby, Stacy de Waal, Liam Jobe, Grace McLean, Cailey Meere, Richard Nieman, Jarod Porter, Malika Richards, Wyatt Shamess, Lauren Serviss, Emily Sherret, Reanna Sine, Renee St. Cyr and Connor Williams.

Ontario Scholar Awards were presented to Kelsey Amos, Nick Bauernschmitt, Connor Bennett, Rebecca Bolduc, Kyle Brissette, Ria Campbell, Haley Cotnam, Stacy de Waal, Madison Fleming, Jason Gibson, Kaitlyn Hambleton, Grace Harnett, Kyle Hendry, Abigaile Hoelke, Kimberly Jones, Regan Jones, Tristan Jordan, Nevan Kearney, Logan Lance, Marianne Maurice, Scott McLean, Rhys McLoughlin, Cailey Meere, Claire Mohns, Richard Nieman, Joshua O’Connor, Emily Paquette, Jordan Radford, Stacy Rannou, Olivia Rodgers, Enya Schroeder, Wyatt Shamess, Emily Sherret, Reanna Sine, Brayden Sprague, Renee St. Cyr, Erin Stacey, Daniel Thomas, Tatum Verville, Cameron Watts and Carly Wentzell.

French Immersion certificates: Nick Bauernschmitt, Bryce Bennett, Hayleigh Crosby, Russell Denney, Abigaile Hoelke, Kerry Leblanc, Jada McInnis, Jarod Porter, Enya Schroeder, Erin Stacey, Renee St. Cyr and Daniel Thomas.

Technical Studies certificates: Adam Burgess, Zachery Buschold, Stacy de Waal, Kyle Hendry, Aaron Hillier, Logan Lance, Christopher Martin, Richard Nieman, Hayden Oelke, Jarod Porter, Zachary Robinson and Brayden Sprague.

Bursaries and Awards: Century 21 Bursary - Malika Richards; C.F. Vaudry Bus Lines Ltd. Bursary - Ria Campbell; Corporation of the Town of Petawawa Bursary - Hayleigh Crosby; Deni’s Automotive Repair Bursary - Richard Nieman; Do-All Construction Bursary - Logan Lance; Dr. Kim Armstrong Bursary - Jason Gibson; EGM Insurance - Lisa Edmonds Bursary - Regan Jones and Jada McInnis.

Emily Watts Bursary - Emily Sherret; General Panet High School Alumni Reunion Bursary - Haley Cotnam, Erin Stacey and Rebecca Bolduc; Gordon Strathy KVA Award - Emily Paquette; H&H Construction Inc. Bursary - Joshua O’Connor; Hyska’s Your Independent Grocers Bursary – Nevan Kearney; Jp2g Consultants Inc. Bursary - Daniel Thomas; Kevin’s Flowers Ltd Bursary - Zoe Duquette; Kings’ Sports Pembroke Inc. Bursary - Kaitlyn Hambleton; Kiwanis Club of Pembroke Bursary - Tatum Verville; Knights of Columbus Educational Bursary - Alyssa Yemen; Mulvihill Drug Mart Bursary - Abigaile Hoelke.

Northern Credit Union Limited Bursary - Renee St. Cyr; Paramount Kitchens Bursary - Zachery Buschold; Pembroke Animal Hospital Bursary - Maria Montgomery; Petawawa Chiefs Hockey Club Bursary - Nicholas Bauernschmitt; Petawawa Dental Centre Health Sciences Bursary - Claire Mohns; Petawawa Horticultural Society (The Strathy Memorial Award) - Kelsey Amos, Scott McLean; Petawawa River Inn & Suites/Pronto Foodmart Bursary - Nicholas Buckham; Petawawa De Troyes Cinema Bursary - Ashley Mitchell; Renfrew County Road Supervisors Association Bursary - Tristan Jordan; Richard Amyotte Financial Services Inc. Bursary - Jordan Radford; Rona Petawawa Bursary - Benjamin Patterson; Rotary Club of Petawawa Bursary - Olivia Rodgers.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 517 Petawawa Bursary - Scott McLean; Royal Canadian Legion Branch 517 Petawawa Ladies Auxiliary Bursary - Grace Harnett; Russ Holmberg Girls Hockey Scholarship - Abbigayle Egers; Silver Threads Seniors Club of Petawawa Bursary - Enya Schroeder; Valley Transportation Bursary - Kimberley Jones; Valour JK-12 School Staff Bursary – Connor Bennett; Valour Parent Council Student Volunteer Bursary - Reanna Sine; Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation Award - Lauren Serviss; and the Valour JK-12 School Inkjet Recycling Award - Wyatt Shamess.

Scholarships: University of Guelph - $14,500 to Kaitlyn Hambleton; Carleton University - $3,200 and $2,000 to Nevan Kearney and Tristan Jordan respectively. University of Ontario Institute of Technology - $1,000 to Scott McLean; University of Ottawa - $4,000 to Jason Gibson; Queen’s University - $2,000 to Haley Cotnam; and Trent University - $1,000 to Zoe Duquette and Grace Harnett, and $1,500 to Abigaile Hoelke.