CPAN Tools for School Canada 150 Challenge


Posted on Thursday, July 20, 2017

PEMBROKE - The Renfrew County Child Poverty Action Network (CPAN) is issuing a Canada 150 challenge to raise funds for Tools for School.

Tools for School is the organization’s largest program, requiring approximately $75,000 a year to run. The program’s objective is to ensure all children in Renfrew County, regardless of their family’s financial status, can start their school year with a backpack, school supplies and shoes.

“As it’s Canada’s 150th and it only costs $150 to send two local children in need back to school with the tools to learn - $75 per child per year - we would like to start a 150 Challenge,” said Lyn Smith, CPAN Executive Director.

Whoever takes up the challenge to raise $150 or more for the program, be it an individual or group, once they reach or surpass their goal they are encouraged to challenge others through social media to do the same, explained Smith.

“I am sure there are multiple ways that our community can find to do this,” she noted, adding “we would love people to use our hashtags #CPAN150Challenge and #NoChildLeftBehind.”

CPAN is involved with a number of activities related to the elimination of child poverty and minimizing the effect that poverty has on children in need who live in Renfrew County. For more information about CPAN and Tools for School, visit