We Are Safety Services - Exercise, Exercise, Exercise


Posted on Thursday, July 20, 2017

In most cases, when the Army hears the word exercise, the first thing that comes to their mind; we’re going to the field!

Not this time!

When least expected, a DND all-Petawawa user email goes out indicating that an emergency has occurred somewhere on Garrison Petawawa proper and emergency services have responded. Until that email is received (or through word of mouth for some), the details of the incident are unknown to most.

In the past we have exercised downed helicopters, suspicious packages and serious activities of the sort. So one might ask, how does this involve Safety Services?

Well, shortly after the emergency notification has taken place, a member of Operations Services (Ops Svcs) calls upon the assistance of “Safety” for SME and/or placed on standby to respond.

We will provide guidance in accident investigation, emergency responder’s personnel safety, spill response or clean up, Federal or Provincial notifications, Decon support and more, to the Chain of Command in order for them to make informed decisions about the scene as a whole.

By no means do we want to take credit for it all, as this is a team approach and other specialized departments are there as well.

Once this simulated emergency exercise is complete, an after action report or information is forwarded to Ops Svcs in order to improve any and all deficiencies noted during the response.

This is one way in how we contribute to make the CAF a safe place to work.

Any comments or questions can be forwarded to +Safety Svcs GSO@4 CDSG Safety Svcs@Petawawa.