Awards and medals were given out on June 12 at the Valour Jk-12 School’s Athletic Awards Assembly. The biggest awards were handed out at the end of the event to the most valuable athletes. From left are Catherine Bell, Remi Lavoie, Hali de Ruiter, Mac Douglas, Sophie Warren, Enya Schroeder, Colton Moore and Ben Lee. In front is Johnathan Frampton. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

Valour JK-12 School athletes shine

By: Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday, July 20, 2017

The athletes at Valour JK-12 School have proven themselves once again, enjoying its most outstanding year to date.

To highlight their outstanding achievements, the Valour Athletic Council held the 2016/2017 Athletic Awards Assembly on June 12.

“It was the most successful Valour Athletic year in the course of General Panet and Valour history,” said emcee Enya Schroeder, who received the Principal’s Award for Athletics during the event.

Notably, athlete Austin Ingram scored himself an outstanding provincial record of 11.99 seconds in the 100-metre and brought home gold from the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA).

Yet it wasn’t just one individual who brought pride to the school. The junior girls’ volleyball team, the girls’ hockey team, the cross-country team and the track and field team won titles at the Upper Ottawa Valley High School Athletic Association (UOVHSAA). Three out of four soccer teams also made it to the playoff rounds. Both the cross-country and track and field teams also won titles in their respective categories during the Eastern Ontario Secondary School Athletic Association (EOSSAA). For the second year in a row, Mac Douglas and Tana Doughty won OFSAA ribbons. Douglas also received the Junior Male Athlete of the Year Award.

The coaches as much as the athletes made all this possible, confirmed Schroeder.

Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Most Dedicated Player (MDP) medals were handed out in each sport or activity. The MVP for the junior girls’ basketball was Darrian Prendergast and the MDP was Keely Patrick. Katie Douglas was given the MVP for the senior girls’ basketball while Grace McCafferty was the MDP. In junior boys basketball, Aiden Neville was the MVP while Colton Moore was the MDP. Moore also took home the Midget Male Athlete of the Year Award. The senior boys’ basketball MVP was Kyle Brissette and the MDP was Ben Turple.

The junior girls’ volleyball MVP was Remi Lavoie. She also won the Junior Female Athlete of the Year Award. The MDP was Taylor Habracken. In the senior girls’ volleyball, the MVP was given to Gia Tantalo and the MDP was brought home by Lindsay MacDonald. Moore was the MVP for the junior boys’ volleyball and Cole Gauthier was the MDP. Giles Moore was the MVP in seniors boys volleyball while Johnathan Frampton got the MDP and took home the Most Sportsman-like Athlete Award.

In cross-country running, Ethan Kearney was named male midget MVP, while Tommy Campbell was named the male MDP. The junior boys MVP was Antoine DuPont and Keegan Lockley was the MDP. The senior boys’ MVP was Nick Bauernschmitt and Ben Lee was the MDP. He also won the Senior Male Athlete of the Year Award. Nick Bauernschmitt distinguished himself by being named the senior boys’ track athlete of the year. He also received the Debbie Walden Dedication Award.

Also in cross-country, the midget girls’ MVP was Hali de Ruiter and she also won the Midget Female Athlete of the Year Award. Catherine Bell was the junior girls MVP, received the Junior Girls Track Athlete of the Year Award and was given the Most Coachable Athlete Award. Addi Oelke was the MDP. The senior girls MVP was Sophie Warren, who also received the Senior Girls Track Athlete of the Year award and the Senior Female Athlete of the Year award. Faith Smith received the MDP medal for senior girls cross-country.

The MVP for girls hockey was Mila Jones and Sophie Warren was the MDP. In the boy’s hockey, Dante Hoffman was the MVP and Chris Martin was the MDP.

In junior girls soccer, Darrian Prendergast was named MVP, while Remi Lavoie was the MDP. Katie Douglas was named MVP for senior girls soccer and Kaitlyn Hambleton was the MDP. The MVP was Ethan Kearney for the junior boy’s soccer team and the MDP went to Dawson

Inglis-Crawford. In senior boys soccer, Giles Moore was the MVP, while Nathan Frampton was the MDP.

In Nordic skiing, Sophie Warren and Johnathan Frampton were the MVPs and Fiona Thomas and Ben Lee were the MDPs. In alpine skiing, the MVPs were Jame McCafferty and Grace McCafferty, while the MDP was Nathalie Desilets. Connor Chalmers-Wein, Connor Williams and Sophie Warren were the MVPs in snowboarding, while Hali de Ruiter was the MDP.

In Grade 9 Badminton, James Hodson was named the MVP and Colton Moore won the MDP. Ben Lee was the MVP and Lauren McCabe was the MDP In junior badminton. The MVP for In varsity badminton was Cole Layman and Remi Lavoie was named MDP. In tennis, Mila Jones was the MVP while Jason Gibson was the MDP.

Hali de Ruiter continued her winning streak by her MVP in midget girl track and field, and Georgia Budgen was the MDP. The junior girls MVP was Tana Doughty and the MDP was Catherine Bell. Sophie Warren was also the senior girls MVP in senior girls track and field and the MDP was Alyssa Morris. Austin Ingram was named the midget boys track and field MVP while Liam Serviss was the MDP. Hayden Weisenberg was the junior boy’s track and field MVP and Mac Douglas was the MDP. Nick Bauernschmitt was the MVP and the MDP was Ben Lee in senior boys track and field.

For co-ed softball, Melanie Sweet was the MVP and Andrew Dawe was the MDP.

Tobias Gallas, Claudia Houston and Scott McLean were the MVPs in Reach for the Top and Levi Post was the MDP. Scott McLean took the MVP in mathletics. Claire Finley was the MVP in Math Horizons and Gabriel Neville was the MDP. In the culinary competition, Raney Christink was the MVP and Felicity Fletcher was the MDP.