Edwin “Ed” Chow received the Ontario Senior of the Year Award on June 5. It was presented to him by Mayor Bob Sweet (left) and his nominator Councillor Theresa Sabourin (right). (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

Ed Chow receives Senior of the Year Award

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Monday July 10, 2017

Edwin “Ed” Chow is involved in countless facets of the community.

The former mayor has a long list of volunteer deeds under his belt and has undoubtedly shaped the town for the better. For his decades of service, he was given the 2017 Ontario Senior of the Year Award. It was presented to him on June 5 during the regular meeting of council.

The award is given by a municipality to recognize an outstanding senior who, after age 65, enriches the social, cultural or civic life of the community. “We are very fortunate in the Town of Petawawa,” said Councillor Theresa Sabourin, who nominated Chow. “We have a great many seniors who have made contributions to our community. However, when I made the list there is one name who kept popping up - Ed Chow.”

Chow is the chairman of the Petawawa Public Library Board and a longtime member of the Rotary Club of Petawawa. He is the past-president of the Petawawa Civic Centre Fundraiser Committee and the treasurer of the Petawawa Housing Corporation. He is a tireless advocate for the business community and has been described by many as a true gentleman. He also spent more than three decades in local politics.

“I have to say that the community is, without a doubt, much richer with having Ed Chow as part of it,” said Mayor Bob Sweet. “It is truly facinating the amount of work this man has put in to make Petawawa the community that it is.”

The award came as a surprise for Chow, though he was very grateful to receive it. He extended his thanks to his family who has supported him in everything he has done, and was very humble about his contributions to the town.

“Even though it has my name on it, I am actually receiving this on behalf of all the seniors in our community and in our wider community,” said Chow. “There are many people like me that put in hours and hours, some of them that you never see.”