Herman Street Public School Grade 3 students learned about plants with the help of the Petawawa Horticultural Society. At the end of the six-week program, they showed off some of their plants. In the back row from left are Lachlan Koziel, Jayden Maclean, Ben Alexander, Titus Newman, Maaike O’Connell, Sammy Waito, Charlotte Penney, Liam Stutzinger, Lois O’Brien and Jack Van Gemeren In the front row from left are Chelsea Mclean, Ridge Day, Grace Ikerenge, Ella Kilpatrick, Connor Mcguigan, Ashlyn Craig, Jaiden Galton, and Nick Slade. (Photos by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

Kids learns how to garden

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Monday July 10, 2017

At Herman Street Public School, the students developed their gardening skills with the help of the Petawawa Horticultural Society.

For six weeks, the Society helped Grade 3 students learn about plants and how to grow them as well as the composition of soil and the elements important to environmental life. The teachings are all hands-on with experiments, growing a succulent garden, making Mother’s Day bouquets and bringing a plant home to nurture.

“It adds to what we are doing,” teacher Jennifer Francis said. “When it is more hands on and practical, it makes the learning more exciting, more fun and more real.”

She hopes that this partnership with the Society has had an impact and that when her students are older, they will continue to be involved with horticulture.

Society President Lois O’Brien shared this aspiration. “We need young people to know about growing things,” she said, “because food is getting more expensive and I find that children just think that food just comes from the grocery store.”

Herman Street is the first school the Society has approached with this program. The Perth Horticultural Society originally started it, and it has been a successful experience for both organizations. “The kids are starting to be able to recognize different flowers, and that in itself is important,” said O’Brien.

Hubert’s Springhill Nursery and Kevin’s Flowers made the program possible with donations of bulbs and flowers.