Reverend Wayne Sollows has spent much of his career serving as a chaplain in the Canadian Armed Forces. He was inducted into First Baptist Church on May 28. Sharing their blessings are, from left, Reverend Don Collar, wife Carol Sollows, Reverend Sollows and Colonel (The Reverend) Barbara Putnam, Director of Chaplaincy Operations. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

Padre to Pastor at First Baptist

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday, July 6, 2017

Retired Padre Reverend Wayne Sollows was officially inducted into the ministry of First Baptist Church.

A decade and a half or so ago, he was called to serve God in the Canadian Armed Forces and now, he has turned his focus to the people of Pembroke.

“We are in the midst in something great today,” Colonel (The Reverend) Barbara Putnam, Director of Chaplaincy Operations said. “The relationship that starts today affirms the ministry that occurs inside theses walls and outside these walls, by the pastor and by the people.”

Sollows has affected many people from all walks of life with his acts of kindness, his message of hope and his positive attitude. Many of those he touched attended his induction ceremony on May 28, filling the church alongside members of the congregation , supportive members of the clergy, friends and family members.

His biggest supporter was undoubtedly his wife Carol Sollows, who has helped his ministry thrive with her own bright spirit.

“I’m very excited for us to be in the community and to be part of First Baptist Church,” said Carol. “It is a church that just needs to be loved and we are here to love them.”

The couple hopes to help the church flourish, drawing on Sollows’ considerable experience.

For nine years, Sollows has been a pastor while also being an officer in the Canadian Army Reserves. He transferred trades from Logistics to becoming the chaplain for 28 Service Battalion. He became a full-time military chaplain posted to Garrison Petawawa from 2012 to 2017. He was called to First Baptist to serve as pastor in January and stepped down from his position to become part-time once more. He continues to provide his spiritual service to HMCS Carleton, the naval reserve unit out of Ottawa.

While in Petawawa, he and Carol were familiar faces at St. George’s Protestant Chapel and built a considerable following. Though sad to leave, they consider their time there blessed. They will deeply miss the people, and the relationships they built within the military community.

“Life in ministry sees one enter into different phases of service and yet, it is viewed as a continuation of one’s calling to be in ministry,” said Sollows. “This is now a new leg of the same journey, but I enter it with anticipation of how God might use us to positively impact lives of individuals and of the broader community.”

To him, a church is more than just a place of worship. It is the epicentre of the creation of a positive, moral society. It acts a community centre, a place to spend time and make friends as well as do charitable works.

It shares a message that “deals with our hopes for the future, where we fit into the “Big Scheme” of life and how we come to terms with the fact that we seek to live on in some way beyond the finite earthly life we have now,” said Wayne.