Woman standing beside wall underneath sign reading 'Petawawa Public Library'

Lisa Worobec is the new CEO of the Petawawa Public Library and hopes to soon see it open to the public. For reopening plans, visit www.petawawapubliclibrary.ca.

New Library CEO looking forward to return of in-person visits

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday July 1, 2021

The new CEO of the Petawawa Public Library, Lisa Worobec, is excited for the day people can walk through the library doors again.

This will happen at 10 am. on Monday, July 5, just days after Ontario announced Step Two of its reopening plan. Staff is currenly working hard to ensure visitors feel welcome and safe.

Though the doors have been closed to the general public for most of the year, no one has been idle. They’ve provided curbside pickup for material, used social media extensively for virtual programming and provided at-home kits for patrons - all to continue the library’s goal of providing a warm, welcoming place for all.

“It’s really about community,” said Worobec. “We are here to be an active place for people.”

In her new position, she plans to continue to push this ideal, because a library is more than just books. They offer interactive programs for children, teens, adults and seniors, CDs, DVDs, classes, video games, park and museum passes, snowshoes, contests and much more.

“One thing that attracted me here is that the library is doing some neat and innovative programming,” said Worobec. “I would love to move the library even further into an inclusive, accessible library for everyone.”
She has been in her current position for a few weeks now, and prior to the job in Petawawa, she was working at research libraries in Geneva, Switzerland.

But her true love has always been public libraries, born from her time working at a library’s front desk when she was younger. To pursue this goal, she achieved a Masters in Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta.

And despite her international experience, she never lost that first love. She was thrilled when she had the opportunity to return to Canada and work in Petawawa.

“I really love to work with the whole spectrum of the community,” said Worobec. “I just love getting the chance to meet folk and be creative in what we can do to offer services to people.”

Research libraries are incredible places, but they don’t have the same energy as public ones, she noted.

Worobec relocated to the town in the Fall. She has greatly enjoyed the area as it gives her a chance to embrace the outdoors in a place that feels like home.

Her staff and the people she has met have also been delightful.

“It has been a good area and a good experience so far,” said Worobec. “People have been really friendly and welcoming.”

However what she is most excited about in her new role is the opportunity to serve patrons face to face.

When not working, reading or hitting the water, Worobec loves spending time with her husband and two children.