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    (Midget Girls athlete of the meet Catherine Bell. (Submitted Photo)

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    (Nick Bauernschmitt, Senior Male Athlete of the meet, running with National Cross country Champion Jonathan Stoppa in the 1500m. (Submitted Photo)

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    (Sophie Warren, Junior Female Athlete of the meet, and Faith Smith take off in the 800m. (Submitted Photo)

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    (Ethan Bullivant unleashes a beast of the throw in the Senior Boys Discus. (Submitted Photo)



Valour top 'A' school at UOVHSAA Track and Field Championships

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Posted on Thursday, June 2, 2016

The UOVHSAA Track and Field Championships began ominously as all the Renfrew County secondary schools travelled by bus in the pouring rain to the Terry Fox Athletic Facility in Ottawa.

The County championships were held in Ottawa due to repairs being done on the Arnprior track. 

As the Valour athletes disembarked, the rain did not dissipate and the first events began with athletes shivering in a cold, windy rain. 

The day began with the steeplechase and Valour started well with Nick DiGiacinto placing 2nd, Tommy Luesink 3rd, Nathan Frampton 5th and Wyatt SHamess 7th. 

The top four athletes in each event advance to the EOSSAA Championships on May 24-25 in Brockville. 

The rain eventually turned to sunny skies after lunch and Valour athletes used the good weather to their advantage. 

Valour finished second in the overall team standings behind Arnprior District High School but were the top “A” school overall. 

Valour also had three competitors named Athletes of the Meet as they each won their three respective events.  Sophie Warren won gold in the junior girls 400m, 800m, and 1500m, Catherine Bell won gold in the midget girls 800m, 1500m and 3000m and Nick Bauernschmitt won gold in the senior boys 400m, 800m and 1500m. 

Other athletes advancing to EOSSA were:

MIDGET GIRLS: Jessica Rannou 4th in 100m, Tana Doughty 1st in javelin, 4th in 200m and 2nd in high jump, Addison Oelke 2nd in 800m, 1500m and 3000m, Mackenzie deRuiter 4th in 1500m, Fiona Thomas 4th in 3000m, Maddie Richards 3rd in 80m hurdles and 3rd in 300m hurdles, Keely Patrick 1st in long jump, Remi Lavoie 4th in triple jump and 3rd in javelin. 

JUNIOR GIRLS: Natalie Desilets 2nd in 100m and 2nd in 200m, Kiana Yemen 2nd in 400m and 3rd in 800m, Paige Woodrow 3rd in shot put and 2nd in discus, Lindsay McDonald 2nd in javelin. 

SENIOR GIRLS: Zoe Leblanc 3rd in 200m, Enya Schroeder 3rd in 400m, 2nd in 800m and 4th in 1500m, Lauren Serviss 2nd in 1500m and 1st in 3000m, Alyssa Yemen 2nd in triple jump and 3rd in javelin, Gia Tantalo 2nd in javelin, 4th in shot put, girls 4x100m placed second and the 4x400m placed 1st. 

MIDGET BOYS:  Hayden Weisenberg 2nd in 100m, 2nd in 200m and 4th in long jump, Antoine Dupont 2nd in 3000m, boys 4x100m placed 2nd, Mac Douglas 1st in javelin, Nathan Sim 3rd in 400m, Cameron Lagace 4th in 400m, Charles Osbourne 2nd in 800m, 2nd in 1500m and 1st in 3000m, Henry Thomas 3rd in 800m, 3rd in 1500m and 2nd in 3000m, Johnathan Frampton 4th in 800m and 2nd in 300m hurdles, boys 4x100m relay placed 1st, Gabe Doucette 2nd in long jump, Brody Somerville 4th in triple jump, Quinn Van Hoof 4th in discus and 1st in javelin, Nick Scheer 2nd in javelin. 

SENIOR BOYS: Colin Powell 3rd in 800m, Daniel Thomas 4th in 1500m, Ethan Bullivant 2nd in shot put, 2nd in discus and 1st in javelin, boys 4x400m placed 2nd. 

Other results can be found at the Ottawa Lions Track and Field website ottawalions.com  Forty two of the seventy-two Valour athletes who competed will be moving on to EOSSAA. 

Good luck to all the athletes and congratulations to all who competed - giving it their best effort.