Bears Are back...and your garbage attracts!

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Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2016

GARRISON PETAWAWA - Black bears are actively searching for food during this time of year, and although they normally feed on berries in June, garbage makes for an easy and convenient meal whenever available. Military and civilian employees, residents, and users of Garrison Petawawa are reminded to take the necessary steps to avoid attracting bears both at home and at work.

A bear’s sense of smell is 100 times better than a human’s, and the elevated temperatures of June intensify garbage odours, which linger and attract bears from vast distances. Garbage is the number one reason that black bears are attracted to our homes, offices, and schools. Leaving garbage accessible in your backyard, at the curb longer than needed, or in unlatched garbage dumpsters is asking for bear trouble! Odours from compost bins, recycling bins, coolers, and BBQ’s also attract bears.

Not only is it unsafe to attracts bears, it is also in contravention of the Garrison Petawawa Bear Policy (AI 6.105 – Integrated Pest Management - Annex F – Garrison Petawawa Pest Specific Strategy – Appendix 1 – Nuisance Black Bears). For more information on the policy, contact Environmental Services at 613-687-5511 ex. 5960 or

Below are highlights of the policy to avoid attracting bears:

In the RHUs:
• Place garbage in an appropriate container at the curb on the morning of pick-up day (not the night before);

In the Garrison (unit lines):
• Ensure that the side door and lids of large, red dumpsters are securely latched at all times;

At Black Bear Campground:
• Ensure food is not left out at the campsite-store coolers inside locked vehicle;
• Ensure garbage is not stored at your campsite- use the approved waste bins;

If you are experiencing a bear problem, please ensure all attractants have been eliminated.

If you are in immediate danger as a result of a bear, call the Military Police at 911 or 613-687-4444 from any outside line. If you encounter a bear while camping at Black Bear Campground, notify the staff at 613-687-7268, or call the Military Police at 911 in an emergency.

For general information about bear attractants contact Environmental Services at 613-687-5511 ex. 5960.