Photo by OS Elizabeth Ross.

Emergency Lock-Down Exercise at PMFRC


Posted on Thursday June 14, 2018

On May 31, Military Police conducted a no-notice LOCK DOWN exercise with the PMFRC. Specific details of the exercise were kept between the organizing Military Police, Garrison Imagery and the PMFRC Contact.

A LOCK DOWN is a drill designed to ensure that the occupants of a building react quickly to a hostile person(s) by securing themselves within a locked room until Police services arrive. These drills prepare communities for events similar to those that have happened in schools, businesses and places of worship around the world.

Prior to the exercise, Military Police Training Section conducted in class lessons and practice drills with the PFMRC staff to go over current drills, address any deficiencies and to facilitate additional training in order to deal with realistic scenarios that would initiate a LOCK DOWN.

The exercise was designed to test the PMFRC staff and Military Polices response to specific stressors and events. Both agencies felt the exercise was successful and the Military Police Training Section will be conducting other exercises similar to this in other locations around Garrison Petawawa throughout the remainder of the year.

Any units interested in taking part in one of these exercises are encouraged to contact Sgt Logan at