By Marie FE Arnold, PRO

Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Oh my, here we are in the third week of June! Where did May go? Just seemed that it was the first of May and I was planning on getting so much house work done and here we are and I am still trying to get all I want to do done. Ha! I may get it finished by Fall, but it will get done.

Now did you know that Civitan was first started by doctors and scientists who wanted to find the cure for different diseases over a 100 years ago? They have found many cures over the years and are still finding many other cures for different things that have affected our bodies. In the upcoming weeks, I want to tell you more about Civitan and what we are doing in our community.

Now I have to say it is nice to see some of our old Bingo players coming back to support our Civitan Bingo so that we can help those who need help. Oh yes, I am still looking for more people to join us and get to know what Civitan is all about.

Have you registered for our Fishing Tournament that will be held at the Pembroke marina on August 18? If not, you better do it now! Contact people are Civitan John VandenBaar at 613-717-5674 and Civitan Allen Stewart or Civitan Brian Miner at 613-687-4503. You can also go to the Carefor website.

Civitan Marie Arnold is still doing fundraising for our Civitan Playground.

Remember: if you are new to Petawawa or area, we invite you to come to out to our Bingo that is held every Sunday-night at the Petawawa Civic Centre, 16 Civic Centre Rd. You can’t miss it - there is a ball field and playground and a Mini Putt there too. We welcome all new people to our great town of Petawawa. Hope to see you at the Bingo.

That’s all for now; God Bless and be happy

. Thought for the week: The older you get, time seems to fly by, today is already tomorrow.