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Carillion Canada helps the War Horse Project


Posted on Thursday June 21, 2018

During Carillion Canada’s first year of operation at Garrison Petawawa, we stumbled across the War Horse Project while attending the Garrison Family Day held in the fall. 

Collectively as an office, we decided to take on this amazing initiative as our community organization. 

The War Horse Project’s objective is to help those, be they a military member, first responders or family members, who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The focus of our project in Petawawa is the maintenance of the Residential Housing Units (RHUs) at Garrison Petawawa.  Many of the occupants who reside in the RHUs are veterans of various conflicts including Afghanistan. 

Many of these military members and their families have been affected by PTSD and the War Horse Project is there to help them to take the important steps on the road to recovery.

Although the start of 2018 was somewhat uncertain for Carillion Canada with the bankruptcy declarations for Carillion in the UK, we, in Petawawa, were a part of the business that was purchased by Fairfax Holdings and are now currently operating under Outland-Carillion. 

 On April 6, 2018, we, at Outland-Carillion Petawawa, were extremely pleased to have presented the War Horse Project with an additional donation that had been collected at our office through various activities.  In addition to this most recent donation, we were ecstatic when we learned that they had been selected to receive a donation on behalf of Carillion during our first year of operation.  

We are proud to help provide this additional funding to the War Horse Project who in turn will provide essential services to those on the road to recovery.  Visit for more information and to see how you can help to make a difference.