Dear CCMS: Raising the issue


Posted on Thursday, March 7, 2019

Q: I’m constantly being interrupted by the same person at our meetings. I’m not sure what my colleague has against me, but it’s causing me to feel like I’m not contributing anything of value. What can I do?

A: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) doesn’t only happen within the Conflict and Complaint Management Service (CCMS) office. There is a great opportunity for anyone to participate in ADR through one-on-one conversations. This approach is early, local and informal (ELI) and helps nip conflict in the bud. Should you choose to address this situation directly with your colleague, here is a three-step approach for raising the issue and setting a time to have the conversation.

Step 1. State the situation as you see it, focusing on the problem (not the person), using a neutral non-accusatory tone and words.

Example: I’ve noticed we’ve had trouble communicating during meetings and there isn’t always an opportunity to finish sharing our thoughts.

Step 2. Explain why it is important for you to have this discussion.
Example: It’s important for us to talk about this so that we are able to fully express ourselves in meetings, which can lead to a stronger team.

Step 3. Seek agreement on the issues and invite the other person to work with you to resolve them.
Example: Do you agree that there is a benefit to talking about this? We can take some time this afternoon if you are available.

For more information, contact CCMS 613-588-4700.