Forget Plastic Bottled Water - Think Reusable


Posted on Thursday, March 7, 2019

There are many benefits to choosing a reusable bottle over plastic bottled water. Many people do not realize that bottled water is not any healthier or cleaner than tap water.

In Canada, tap water is regulated by Health Canada, which has guidelines for the maximum levels of harmful substances that are allowed.

Municipalities have organizations that are continually checking the quality of the water distributed to their residences.

Bottled water is not subject to the same guidelines because it is considered a food; therefore, falls under the Food and Drugs Act.

Due to the different guidelines, bottled water is not subjected to the same number of checks that tap water is. Some bottled water is actually tap water that may or may not have been run through a filtration system.

There is a monetary cost as well as an environmental cost to bottled water.

Bottled water can cost from one dollar to upwards of four dollars. When you compare this to mere tenths of a cent per litre for tap water, it makes sense to minimize your bottled water consumption.

People are typically paying 200-3,000 times more to purchase bottled water when compared to what they spend on tap water [The Council of Canadians, 2014].

One of the environmental impacts of bottled water is the massive amounts of fossil fuels that are required to manufacture and transport the product.

Another impact is the space that they take up in landfills, as many bottles do not make it to recycling facilities. One plastic bottle can take hundreds of years to decompose adding further to the landfill problems.

In an effort to help decrease the consumption of disposable plastic bottles Garrison Petawawa has begun to install the Elkay ezH20 bottle filling stations (shown in photo).

The station is very efficient and fills a sixteen ounce bottle in approximately five seconds. It works with a sensor that automatically turns on when a bottle is set under the spigot. It is equipped with an automatic sensor that will shut off the stream after twenty seconds if someone fails to remove a bottle. There is a filter is capable of removing particulate, chlorine, odour and lead and also has a graphic display that shows how many plastic water bottles have been saved.

Currently in March of 2019, over 250,000 bottles have been saved in Garrison Petawawa through the use of these filling stations.