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    Canadian National Synchronized Skating Championships in Waterloo: (front row left to right) Emma Reinhardt, Alyssa Schiemann, Gabrielle Boufard, Emma McCabe, Shae-Lynne Lepage, (back row left to right) Lauren McCabe, Sara Kosowan, Murron McCafferty, Katie Kosowan, Haylay Priebe, Cheyanne Millham, Noelia Durray, and Elizabeth Van Horne Wall. (Submitted Photos)

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    Synchro Competition in Kanata: (in front) Suzanne Millham (Team Manager), (second row left to right) Shae-Lynne Lepage, Emma McCabe, Gabrielle Boufard, Alyssa Schiemann, Katelyn Bakke, (third row left to right) Stephanie Wallace (Coach), Emma Reinhardt, Sara Kosowan, Murron McCafferty, Katie Kosowan, Lauren McCabe, Elizabeth Van Horne Wall, Hayley Priebe, Cheyanne Millham, and Vada Lepage (Coach). Missing from the photos is Shari Kosowan (Assistant Coach) and Jodi Boufard (Team Manager). (Submitted Photos)



Petawawa Skating Club’s Battle of the Blades show March 21


Posted on Thursday March 14, 2019

The Petawawa Skating Club is hosting its 2nd annual Battle of the Blades show on 21 March 2019 at the Petawawa Civic Centre from 6-8 p.m. 

This event is in support of the Platinum Edge Intermediate Synchronized Skating team, who recently represented Ontario at the Canadian National Synchronized Skating Championships in Waterloo from 22-24 Feb 2019.  Although the team is new to this level this year, they persevered and participated in the Regional competition in Alymer earlier in the season to earn a spot at the Canadian Nationals.  The team skated well at Nationals and came away with invaluable experience that came from hard work and dedication not seen by many skaters at this level in small towns. They also had some fun along the way! 

Following Nationals, the team went on to participate in a Syncro competition in Kanata March 1-3, skating as a team to a Bronze medal and a season’s best score.  The music they skated to was the Greatest Showman. 

The team would like to thank their coaches and managers for all the hard work they put into the program which ultimately contributed to their success.  Many of these skaters compete in Synchronized skating and in Singles competitive skating, along with maintaining a high physical fitness level, earning excellent marks in school and holding down a part time job all at the same time.  They are highly active in the community as well, volunteering to help little ones learn to skate with the Pre Can and Can Skate programs.  The coaches and managers support and encourage these skaters to not only be the best skaters they can be, but also be highly effective, contributing members of the community in turn.

The team would like to extend an invitation to see them perform at this year’s Battle of the Blades competition. Tickets are $5 and children under 5 are free.