Anticipating a Soggy Spring


Posted on Thursday, March 14, 2019

After a snowier winter, it is the responsibility of all residents of Garrison Petawawa to get an early start to safeguard your residences from potential spring flooding.

What can you do to mitigate the possibility of flooding this spring?

To try and prevent water getting into your homes try the following:
• Keep your window wells clean of snow, ice and debris;
• Clear a path from your window wells so the water can move freely away from your residence;
• Ensure the down spouts are free from debris and positioned in a manner that will allow water to run freely away from your residence; and
• Shovel a small path down your driveway to assist melting snow and ice in the direction of the street/storm drains.

What can I do to keep my basement and the articles I store there dry?
• Keep articles and boxes off the floor using pallets;
• Ensure your floor drains are free of debris and accessible;
• Purchase of a wet/dry vacuum for smaller cleanup jobs in case of water infiltration; and
• Know where the storm drains are in proximity to your residence and try to keep them clear.

There will be crews going around the Residential Housing Units (RHUs) to keep them open for melting snow and ice.

It is advisable to know what your insurance coverage is in the event of water ingress or damage to personal property.

In the case an RHU resident requires assistance, call:
During working hours: 613-687-0000 and follow the instructions for assistance.
During afterhours/emergency, please contact the Duty Officer 613-687-5511 ext. 5457 or 613-639-1356.

By taking steps to keep melting snow and ice away from your foundation it is less likely a rapid spring melt will affect your home.

More information will be passed to all RHU residents through their Chain of Command and through Garrison Petawawa Social media account; Facebook:
@GarrisonPetawawaGarnisonPetawawa, Twitter: @GarrisonPet

On behalf of 4 CDSB Petawawa Pers Svcs and the Canadian Forces Housing Agency, thank you to the residents of the Petawawa RHUs for your diligence and genuine concern in this matter.