Tick Tock Escape Rooms officially opened on March 9. Holding the celebratory cake are Travis Turcotte and Joseph “Joey” Melbourne. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

New Escape Room in Petawawa

By Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post

Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2019

With the clock running out, will you be able to solve the Mystery of the Philosophers Stone at Petawawa’s Tick Tock Escape Rooms?

This newly-opened experience is sure to keep people on their toes as they solve the clues, figure out puzzles and unravel the enigma.

Each puzzle hints to another part of a large storyline and as people begin to progress, questions arise that can only be answered once the room is complete.

The experience is notably great for teambuilding and strengthening bonds.

“People think that you have to be a genius to solve these rooms,” said co-owner Travis Turcotte. “But nine times out of ten, it is just communication.”

He and his partner Joseph “Joey” Melbourne are self-professsed escape room addicts.

They have translated their passion into a career, jumping on the opportunity to do what they love as a job.

When creating their escape room, they focused on making the puzzles challenging and interesting yet relevant to the room’s 13th-century theme. It doesn’t require any specific alchemy or historical knowledge, just a good set of eyes and some problem-solving abilities.

“All you need to solve our room is what we give you,” said Turcotte.

At no time is the room locked and people are free to leave if feeling claustrophobic.

“We don’t want anybody to have an anxiety attack,” said Melbourne. “We want everybody to have fun.”

It took about two months to set up the escape room, and Turcotte and Melbourne were aided by family and friends, who both did the construction as well as helped test out the puzzles.

Feedback has already been positive.

The puzzles are fun yet challenging, the atmosphere feels authentic and the hints help, while leaving enough to the imagination.

The cost is $24 per person and reservations are required to play. It is best played with four to a maximum of eight people, though there is no minimum amount of players.

For more details, please visit www.petawawaticktock.com, their Facebook page or email at PetTickTock@gmail.com.