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The Pembroke Regional Hospital Is Sharing COVID-Friendly Guidelines For Patient Gift Giving This Easter And Announces Regional Change To Visitor Policy


Posted on Thursday March 31, 2021

PEMBROKE – In alignment with guidance from the Renfrew County and District Health Unit, the Pembroke Regional Hospital is doing all that it can to help ensure that families and loved ones can remain connected with those in hospital this Easter.

“We recognize that Easter, like so many special occasions, is important to many of our patients and their families. Our hospital plans to assist as much as possible in order to ensure that families and loved ones will still be able to share messages of love and support, along with gifts for our patients while maintaining COVID safety measures,” said Sabine Mersmann, Senior Vice-President of Clinical and Support Services / Partnerships and Integration.
To assist with this, designated Family Caregivers/Care Partners, one per patient, will be able to bring in the following gift items:

- Packaged food items such as chocolates or edible items from a commercial kitchen
- Plants or non-scented flowers
- New or freshly laundered clothes (in packaging that can be wiped down)
- Other items so long as they can be disinfected with hospital grade disinfectant

In addition the Pembroke Regional Hospital will accept gifts for inpatients over Easter weekend which can be dropped off to our screeners at the Tower B (Emergency Department) entrance in accordance with the guidelines above.

Gifts will be thoroughly wiped down and disinfected before being delivered to the inpatient units. Please have the patient’s name and unit clearly identified on the package and maintain appropriate physical distance when delivering the item at the entrance. Please note that home baked/cooked food items cannot be brought into the hospital and shared with staff.

At the same time, as we head into Easter weekend, the Renfrew County and District Health Unit has directed hospitals to implement a regional change to their visitor policies in order to protect the region’s hospitals, patients and hospital staff.

The change will mean that effective April 2nd each patient will need to identify one Family Caregiver/Care Partner for the duration of their hospital stay. Each Family Caregiver/Care Partner will receive a badge upon entry to the hospital at the Tower B Emergency Department entrance which they will keep and show as needed as identification of a designated Caregiver/Care Partner. These individuals will be eligible to “visit” 24/7 so long as they pass entrance screening. Further details will be provided to Caregivers/Care Partners when they are identified.

Exceptions will be made for patients who are nearing end of life in which case a maximum of four Family Caregivers/Care Partners will be permitted.

“We recognize that these new measures will have a great impact on our patients and their families however, the measures are temporary and the Health Unit has committed to reviewing the restrictions on a bi-weekly basis. We appreciate everyone’s understanding during these challenging times,” Ms. Mersmann said.