Appliances, scrap metal and electronics must be placed in separated piles so they can be collected for recycling. Small, loose items and material in garbage bags or cardboard boxes will not be collected. Submitted photo.



Posted on Tuesday May 23, 2017

May 23rd, 2017 – Spring collection of large household goods will be happening soon for residents in the Town of Petawawa, City of Pembroke and Township of Laurentian Valley. Acceptable items must not be placed curbside any earlier than Sunday, May 28th. Acceptable items include large appliances and scrap metal (placed in separate pile), boxsprings and mattresses, carpets and underlay, furniture (desks, couches), bulky household plastic items (i.e. outdoor children’s toys, lawn chair) and pool covers (placed in a second pile) and electronic waste (placed in a third pile).

Residents are once again reminded of the set out requirements for Large Item Collection.
• Small, loose items and material placed out in cardboard boxes or garbage bags WILL NOT be collected.
• Construction and Renovation material such as toilets, wood, windows and doors, hazardous waste or tires WILL NOT be collected.
• Collection occurs on your regular collection day during the week of May 29th.
• Scrap metal/appliances, electronic waste and acceptable large items must be placed in separated piles.
• Acceptable materials must be manageable by two people and cannot exceed 80 lbs, 27 cubic feet or 6 feet long.

Dave Unrau, Town of Petawawa Director of Public Works explains the intent of the large item collection. “This collection is for large household items such as furniture. Smaller household items such as flower pots or coffee makers must be placed out for regular garbage collection in a can or bag. Smaller, loose items will not be picked-up during the Large Item Collection.”

To assist in reminding residents of the set out requirements for Large Item Collection, Communications staff from the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre, will be working on behalf of the three Municipalities; Petawawa, Pembroke and Laurentian Valley. Staff will be out in these communities this Spring providing education on all aspects of the waste management programs; recycling, composting, and large item collection.

“Staff will leave behind a door hanger to inform residents of any concerns with their set out.” Explained Elizabeth Graham, Communications Officer at the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre. “If we notice material is out too early or there is an unacceptable item we will provide information to the residents and ask them to remove it from the curb.”

DO NOT place items out earlier than Sunday, May 28th. Collection will occur the week of May 29th on your regular collection day. Additional information on Municipal Waste Management programs is available on your collection schedule or at