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October 26, 2017

Cobden cenotaph honours fallen members of 427 Squadron
The Invictus Games shone a spotlight on ill and injured soldiers, giving them a platform to compete. Click here for more.

Annual Legion Poppy Campaign begins Friday
Every year, The Royal Canadian Legion conducts the Poppy campaign to raise funds in support of Veterans and their families. Click here for more.

450 THS congratulates graduates of Flight Engineer, Loadmaster courses
On Friday, Sept. 15, 2017 members of 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron gathered to celebrate the recent graduates of Flight Engineer Course Serial 1701 and Loadmaster Course Serial 1701.  Click here for more.

The Amazing Avian Migration
Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that spring had arrived and we had the whole summer to look forward to?  Click here for more.

Lane Reduction Passchendaele Road - October 2017
In support of major construction projects across the Garrison, there will be a lane reduction on Passchaendaele Road starting Oct. 25 until Oct. 31. Click here for more.

We are Safety Services: Say again, over...
You talk to anyone about noise in the Combat Arms and they can readily offer sources within their chosen trade. Click here for more.

Security Awareness Tips
If your wireless network is not configured properly, unauthorized users could be reading your e-mails, browsing your files or connecting to your network as effortlessly as you do. Click here for more.

Willis College presents 2017 “A Soldier’s Hero” Scholarship
In 2016 as a part of its 150th anniversary celebrations, Willis College created A Soldier’s Hero: a scholarship program for Canadian military spouses. Click here for more.

Logistics Association chapter opening in Petawawa
It is with great pleasure that we, the members of the Canadian Forces Logistics Association (CFLA) - Petawawa Chapter , would like to thank the Logistics Branch Integrator, RSM (Col Johnson and CWO Côté), the CA G4, Col Quinn and the command team of 2 Service Battalion (LCol Kennedy and CWO White), for attending the CFLA’s Petawawa Chapter inaugural event on Thursday 21 Sept 17. Click here for more.

$5,000 donation for Zombie Thrill Run
In the past four years, Pembroke’s Zombie Thrill Run has seen over 4,000 participants and volunteers raise approximately $119,000 for breast cancer research and Carefor’s new mental health wing. Click here for more.

Get the Flu Shot not the Flu!
Each year, Garrison Petawawa organizes a flu campaign to promote a healthy environment and to keep our military protected against influenza. Click here for more.

Petawawa Legion News
The Poppy campaign kicks off this Friday, Oct. 27. Wearing a Poppy honours and remembers those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Click here for more.

News from the Greater Petawawa Civitan Club
The Greater Petawawa Civitan Club Bingo is going well and we are getting a few new bingo players who have just moved to our area. Click here for more

October 19, 2017

Invictus athletes “great ambassadors for our military and our nation”
The Invictus Games shone a spotlight on ill and injured soldiers, giving them a platform to compete. Click here for more.

Garrison Petawawa fundraising campaign for United Way wraps up
Though the total isn’t in yet, 4th Canadian Support Group (4 CDSG) Commander Louis Lapointe is confident Petawawa’s Government of Canada Charitable Workplace Campaign in support of the Renfrew County United Way (RCUW) will meet its goal. Click here for more.

Behind the lens: Garrison Imaging Petawawa
Garrison Imaging Petawawa does more than take passport pictures and official portraits of Garrison Petawawa personnel. Click here for more.

Get the Flu Shot, not the Flu!
Commonly referred to as “the flu”, influenza virus is an easily transmitted, respiratory illness. Symptoms of influenza include: fever, headaches and chills, muscle aches, sneezing and coughing. People with the flu may experience influenza symptoms for up to 10 days. Influenza can cause mild to severe illness, and at times result in hospitalization or death. Click here for more.

Be on the lookout for invaders!
Working in the field of Natural Resources is a rewarding experience. Click here for more.

Road Closures and Detours - October 2017
In support of major construction projects across the Garrison, there will be numerous road closures in October 2017. Each road closure will have detours to mitigate any major impact on access and traffic flow. Click here for more.

Security Awareness - Malware
Spyware and adware are two forms of the most common problem facing Internet users today. Once it infects your hard drive, “malware” or malicious software can cause mischief ranging from unwanted advertising to information theft. Click here for more.

$30,000 from Canada Company
On Friday, September 22, Canada Company presented a cheque to the Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre for $30,000. Click here for more.

Fall Leaf & Yard Waste Collection
LAURENTIAN VALLEY – Residents of the Town of Petawawa, City of Pembroke and Township of Laurentian Valley will soon be able to place separated leaf and yard waste out for curbside pick-up during the upcoming Fall Leaf & Yard Waste Collections. Leaf and yard waste will only be collected on your regular collection day during the designated weeks of Oct. 23, Nov. 6 and Nov. 20. Click here for more.

Petawawa Golf Club awards for 2017 year-end winners
The Petawawa Golf Club and All Ranks Service Club closed their official summer season with an awards banquet on Oct. 1. This event allowed for the best golfers to receive their due commendations. In addition to the trophies that were handed out, prizes were raffled off. Click here for more.

Medieval times at Petawawa Heritage Village
Fair maidens and gallant knights made for quite a sight at the Petawawa Heritage Village. Click here for more.

Official tartan for Petawawa
The Town of Petawawa now has an official tartan, unveiled before council and Scotland-native Mayor Bob Sweet, who accepted it on behalf of the town. Click here for more.

News from the Silver Threads Seniors Club
The Seniors Club will be having Zumba classes again starting on Tuesday evening, Oct. 24 from 5:45 to 7 p.m. This is a fun session of exercise and dance to some amazing music. If you are unable to get a fitness class into your schedule during the day, take some time out for yourself in the evening and experience a fun activity. Click here for more.

News from the Petawawa Legion
Have you got your Halloween costume figured out for our dance on Saturday, Oct. 28? Michael Curtis and the Slags will be performing from 8 p.m. to midnight. There will be prizes for best costume and spot dances. A late lunch will be served. Everyone is welcome so get your friends together and come on out. Click here for more.

October 12, 2017

Special service celebrates 50th anniversary of St. George’s Chapel
St. George’s Chapel has been a pillar of faith for the past 50 years. Click here for more.

New policy on service dogs at Garrison Petawawa
Following a new directive, Garrison Petawawa will be instating a new policy on service dogs. Click here for more.

Searching for SAR Techs – 10 November deadline!
For men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces who are ready for an exciting career change, consider the current opportunity to become a Search and Rescue Technician (SAR Tech) with the Royal Canadian Air Force. Click here for more.

Fundraisers for annual NDWCC
The Third Annual 4th Canadian Division Support Group (4 CDSG) Motorcycle Ride saw about a dozen bikers travel throughout the Ottawa Valley to raise money for the Garrison Petawawa National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign (NDWCC). Click here for more.

Road closures and detours October 2017
In support of major construction projects across the Garrison, there will be numerous road closures in October 2017. Each road closure will have detours to mitigate any major impacts on access and traffic flow. Click here for more.

Fire Prevention Week Oct. 8-14
Fire and smoke move quickly. Every second counts when you are trying to escape a fire. Everyone must know what to do and where to go when the smoke alarms sound. Take a few minutes with everyone in your home to make a home fire escape plan, following the instructions below. Click here for more.

Security Awareness: Phishing
What is “phishing”? Phishing is the act of sending an authentic-looking fake e-mail to a user, in which the sender claims to be a legitimate bank, financial institution, or recognized business. The sender’s aim is to trick the user into disclosing private information that will be used for identity theft. Click here for more.

Canadian Army Reserve Armouries host national open house
The Canadian Army Reserve opened Armories across the nation, inviting the general public to learn more about what they do and see if such a career is right for them. Click here for more.

3 RCR Cadets host autumn car wash
The 2642 – 3 RCR Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps held a car wash and tagging fundraiser on Sept. 30 in Petawawa and in Deep River with the hopes of raising as much money as possible. Click here for more.

OnTour concerts wrap up in Petawawa
The OnTour series completed their summer of music with a stop in Petawawa. Click here for more.

CANEX/OK Tire Customer Appreciation Day
The 2017 Annual CANEX and OK Tire Customer Appreciation Day was a great success, attracting hundreds of military families from all over the region. Click here for more.

SISIP awards $75 CANEX gift card
SISIP Financial presented Sergeant Maggie Gosse with a $75 CANEX gift card, awarded to her as part of a draw held at the Garrison Petawawa Family Day on Sept. 9. Click here for more.

Catch the Ace, win big at RCL
Winning big is just a card away. Catch the Ace, the wildly popular lottery game, has come to the Royal Canadian Legion in Petawawa, giving players the chance to win a lot of money. Players must figure out which envelope is hiding the Ace of Spades in order to win big. Click here for more.

How to respond in a helpful manner
We have all at some point in our life experienced personal hardship and adversity.  For many of us we doubt our ability in how to support a relative, friend or co-worker when they find themselves in a crisis. Click here for more.

Petawawa Home Fires: Kayla Akalu: from esthetician to doula
Switching careers later in life isn’t for the faint-hearted, yet it is sometimes a necessity. Click here for more.

News from the Greater Petawawa Civitan
Well here we in the second week of October and it is so very nice and warm out that you can still go for a nice walk without a heavy coat. Click here for more.

News from the Petawawa Legion
Every year we hold a Veterans Dinner as a Thank You to those who have served or are serving and to honour those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. We invite everyone to join us on Thursday, November 9. Click here for more.

Petawawa Catholic Women’s League News
The Petawawa Catholic Women’s League met recently for their monthly meeting. President Julie Mallory led us in Prayer to Our Lady of Good Counsel. Click here for more.

October 11, 2017

Alumnus of the Hospital for Sick Children gives back
Miranda Zeppieri has been living with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) a rare genetic disorder producing tumours in her organs, her entire life. Click here for more.

October 5, 2017

Exercise Collaborative Spirit 2017
Close to 400 civilian participants were immersed in Army life during Exercise COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT 2017, held from September 19 to 22 at Garrison Petawawa. Click here for more.

2 Service Battalion Admin Coy promotion
On Sept. 26, 2 Service Battalion Admin Company celebrated a promotion from Cpl to the rank of MCpl: MCpl G.W. Poff. Click here for more.

New Brigade Commander looking forward to High Readiness year ahead
Colonel Michael Wright may have just taken over the position of 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (2 CMBG) Commander in June, but he already is proud of the hard work of his personnel as they entered high readiness. Click here for more.

Soldier for a day: Exercise Collaborative Spirit
Sergeant James Mustard is an incredibly patient man. Click here for more.

Collecting aquatic insects to determine water quality
Many people may not realize it, but aquatic insects are present in all waterbodies and many flying insects actually spend most of their lives underwater in streams, rivers and lakes before emerging as adults. Click here for more.

WE ARE SAFETY SERVICES - Member fell while rushing
Recently we had an accident where a member was walking at a fast pace from the parking lot on a rainy morning. Click here for more.

Security Awareness Tips - Identity Management
What identifying information should I be managing? Your date of birth, name, phone number, social insurance number, address, credit card number and mother’s maiden name can all be used to open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, rent accommodations, transfer bank balances and/or redirect mail. Click here for more.

St. John’s Petawawa rededicates 50-year-old monument
Canada celebrated its Centennial Year in 1967, with projects large and small appearing all over the country. St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Petawawa was no different. Click here for more.

Garrison Petawawa takes top spot in Ontario Regional Golf
The Garrison Petawawa team successfully defended their title at the 2017 Ontario Regional Golf Championship. Click here for more.

Roanoke Ladies Night Sept 18
Roanoke held their final Ladies Night thanks to Connie Daiken for sponsoring. Click here for more.

Petawawa Legion News
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and if you can’t be with family, you can at least be with friends. Click here for more.

Petawawa Golf Club Ladies Invitational Tournament
The tournament was held on a beautiful day, September 15. Twenty-eight ladies participated in the event.  Click here for more.

News from the Silver Threads Seniors Club
The winners of the Friday evening Euchre games were: Marie Arnold, Lou McEvoy, John Collier, Helen Sack, Pat Mathewson. Regular Euchre is played every Friday evening at 7 p.m., grab some friends and come out for a game of fun. Click here for more.

News from the Greater Petawawa Civitan Club
What will happen when no one wants to volunteer? Our service clubs will most likely close down as the people that are volunteering their time are getting older and cannot keep doing all that needs to be done. Click here for more.

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