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    Using force health protection measures like continually wearing non-medical masks, helpedmaintain the health and safety of candidates and staff on the BAP course. (Submitted photo)

    A soldier breaks through glass in makeshift training room
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    BAP candidates conducting an explosive breach on a wall built to Canadian code. (Submitted photo)

    Group of soldiers on the left while explosive device breaches wall on the right
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    A BAP instructor watches as a soldier safely secures a detonating device used for explosive breaches. (Submitted photo)

    Two soldiers, one kneeling while strapping device to his knee, the other supervises
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    A BAP instructor monitors carefully as soldiers from 3 RCR place an explosive breach onto a wood structure. (Submitted photo)

    One soldier supervises while two others attach explosive breach device to wood structure



3 RCR - Pioneers Lead The Way… Everywhere!

By Lt Max Filiatrault

Posted on Thursday November 19, 2020

From the 10th of August to the 6th of October 2020, 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment along with Army Reservists from the Hasting’s and Prince Edward Regiment (Hasty P’s) conducted the first, all infantry staff in-house Basic Assault Pioneer (BAP) course. This was a large milestone in the Master Implementation Directive for Light Infantry Forces and has acted as a proof of concept for future BAP courses. This course was also the first primary combat function course conducted by 3 RCR in a COVID-19 environment. Utilizing force health protection measures such as continually wearing non-medical masks helped maintain the health and safety of the candidates and staff throughout the course.

Assault Pioneers play a unique role within the arsenal of a Light Infantry Battalion focusing on mobility by defeating obstacles and counter-mobility by building obstacles. To prepare for this role candidates of BAP 0022 received a significant amount of hands-on experience with the full spectrum of breaching methods to include; mechanical, ballistic, thermal and explosive. This meant operating rams and Halligan tools for prying open doors, defeating locking mechanisms with Remington 870 shotguns and thermal breaching for cutting steel doors. Explosive breaching was also conducted on complex doors and walls to include, for the first time during this type of training, a wall built to the Canadian standard building codes.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – Assault Pioneers

Fine tuning yet another Light Infantry method of insertion, candidates on the BAP course were required to learn about assault boat manoeuvres, beaching procedures, and assault boat water casting. In a platoon level spearhead formation, the course aggressively took the beaches of the Ottawa River as well as practiced more covert methods of insertion such as fast casting. The candidates are now qualified and ready to bring these skills to the Assault Pioneer Platoon’s of 3 RCR and the Hasty P’s.

The BAP 0022 course was a huge success. Not only did it provide crucial force generation within 3 RCR, but also set the conditions for further integration of the Hasty P’s in line with the new Strengthening the Army Reserve (STAR) program. The skills and knowledge that candidates learned and developed on this course will enable 3 RCR to continue operating “Ubique” everywhere. Pro Patria!