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    Councillors Matthew McLean and James Carmody in pumpkin form at one of the entrances to Centennial Park. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

    Two Pumpkin headed people in front of Centennial Park West entrance sign
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    Even pumpkin folk enjoy a little bit of fishing now and then. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

    One pumpkin person fishing from dock, two others in canoe, paddling
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    Michelle Letourneau Mortgage Alliance set up some superheroes because even pumpkins need something to believe in. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

    Pumpkin people dressed as superheroes in front of bales of hay and pumpkins
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    Hyska’s Your Independent Grocer was at the centre of things with several different displays, as well as BBQ pork on a bun and live music to enjoy. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

    Two pumpkin people with painted on happy faces
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    This year, Pumpkin People arrangements weren’t limited to businesses and organizations. Residents could make their own display and hopefully win a prize. Though it was a tough decision for judges, the winners of the 2020 Petawawa Ramble Pumpkin Folks residential decorating contest were announced on Oct. 15. From left are Re/Max Broker Cindy Sell, residential homes contest sponsor; Cathy Warren, third place winner in the Best Harvest Displays with a Theme, Rachel Eden with baby Evie, second place winner in the Most Unique Harvest Display category; Heather and Dave Jobe, first-place winner in the Most Unique Harvest Display category; and Natalie Keenan, honourable mention. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

    Group shot of the winners of the 2020 Petawawa Ramble
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    Joyce, at the Petawawa Public Library, is the newest librarian and is full of fun book suggestions. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

    Pumpkin person behind sign reading Joyce's Choices, Grab a guide and check out the awesome recommendations
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    Pumpkin folks are really good at construction work as Rona demonstrates. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

    Two Pumpkin people climbing a ladder
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    Who doesn’t love an excellent breakfast from Sunny Side Up? (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

    Three pumpkin people, one as a chef, two as restaurant patrons
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    Building homes is hard work, but somebody has to do it. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

    Three pumpkin construction workers building something



Gourd times at Petawawa Ramble, winners of residential displays announced

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday November 19, 2020

Driving through town during the Petawawa Ramble, it was clear the fall season was fully underway, highlighted by whimsical pumpkin-headed folks on display.

The 2020 Petawawa Ramble and Pumpkin Folk Festival was held from Oct. 15 to 18, attracting people from far and wide to witness the area’s autumnal splendour.

Though usually posing in front of businesses and at street intersections, these orange-fleshed creations also made appearances in front of local homes. During the festival’s inaugural year, only businesses and organizations were invited to have a harvest display. But that changed this year as many residents showed an interest in designing their own and being part of a competition where prizes are awarded to the best and the most unique displays.

The residential efforts were not on the self-guided tour, however, to maintain people’s privacy; it was up to ramblers to make their own discoveries as they journeyed through town.

“I see a lot of enthusiasm and interest in this,” said Deputy Mayor Gary Serviss. “There is a buzz around the community. It’s a real bright light and a bright spot in what is a really dark time right now.”

The 2020 Petawawa Ramble officially began with organizers announcing the residential winners.

“Thank you to all of you,” said Serviss of all the participants. “You took the time and the money and the effort to put these displays on your front yard. It’s a great thing for our town for people to see that.”

In the Most Unique Harvest Display category, first place went to Heather and Dave Jobe for their “Hockey Team” display. Second place went to the Eden family with their “Gone Fishing” display, and third place was awarded to Maryse Ahow with her “Casper’s Cafe” display.

Aaron McCambridge, with his “Funny Farm” display, won first place in the best Harvest Display with a Theme category. Second place went to the Fischer’s with their “Colourful Tractor” display, and third place went to Cathy Warren with her “Window Peeking” display. Natalie Keenan received an Honourable Mention for her “Deploy Fall” display.