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Bear Attractants Must Be Eliminated!


Posted on Thursday September 13, 2018

GARRISON PETAWAWA – Black bears prefer to forage in forested areas away from people but they may be attracted to populated areas if they have accessible food sources that are simply too good to pass up. The best way to avoid having black bears within our neighbourhoods is to ELIMINATE ATTRACTANTS. If bears cannot access food from our neighbourhoods, they won’t be spending time in them!

In accordance with the Garrison Petawawa Nuisance Bear Policy and for your own personal safety, please abide by the following rules in the RHU’s:

• Garbage must be placed in appropriate garbage bins;
• Garbage must be placed out at the curb on the morning of collection day between April 1 and November 1;
• Bird feeders are only permitted between November 1 and March 30;
• BBQs must be kept clean by cleaning the grill and emptying the grease trap regularly;
• Pet food must not be stored outdoors;
• Fruit and vegetables from gardens and trees must be picked up and not left to rot on the ground.
Additional tips to help keep bears from our neighbourhoods include:
• Rinse recyclables before placing them in the recycling bin;
• Keep meat and fish scraps in the freezer until garbage pick-up day;
• If you have a garage or storage shed, keep garbage inside them until collection day;
• Rinse your green bin after each collection day, or consider minimizing the use of the green bin during the summer months (especially meat products).

If you are experiencing a bear problem, please ensure all attractants have been eliminated.

If you are in immediate danger as a result of a bear, call the Military Police at 911 or 613-687-5511 ext 5444 from any outside line. If you encounter a bear while camping at Black Bear Campground, notify the staff at 613-687-7268, or call the Military Police at 911 in an emergency.

For general information about bear attractants contact Environmental Services at 613-687-5511 ex. 5960.