Free Reign on Social Media?


Posted on Thursday September 19, 2019

Dear CCMS: I feel harassed by a co-worker who posted inappropriate comments about me on her Facebook page. When I approached her and asked the posts be deleted, she told me she could write what she wanted and there was nothing I nor the CoC could do about it. Is this true?

Though the situation described may not meet all harassment criteria as outlined in the Harassment Prevention and Resolution Policy (DAOD 5012-0), it is important DND employees and CAF members be aware online comments about a colleague may be subject to scrutiny under the DND and CAF Code of Values and Ethics and Code of Service Discipline.

The Codes direct DND employees and CAF members to respect the dignity and values of every person. The obligations and expected behaviours apply to use of internet/intranet tools in the workplace, be it for professional or personal ends. Moreover, in keeping with the intent of DAOD 5012-0, management should be aware of any consequences spilling over into the workplace from such activity and have a responsibility to address and resolve any potential situations of conflict and/or harassment in a timely and efficient manner.

Though it appears you were proactive attempting a form of early/local/informal resolution, you indicated it was unsuccessful. Along with seeking assistance from your CoC, you may wish to consider contacting your local CCMS to obtain additional information and/or clarification related to other options available to best address your concerns and most effectively meet your needs.

CCMS Petawawa