A black bear in a small river with a fish in its mouth

Black bears are on a constant search for food


Posted on Thursday September 17, 2020

GARRISON PETAWAWA - Fall is a time when black bears are ramping up efforts to find food and gain the weight needed to survive their fast approaching winter hibernation. In the fall, bears need to eat around 20,000 calories a day! While they usually turn to tree nuts as their main food source at this time of year, attractants such as garbage, BBQ’s, and bird feeders can draw bears into our community for an easy meal. Petawawa is located in bear country and bears will take advantage of human food sources if they are available.

Civilian employees, residents, and users of Garrison Petawawa are reminded to take the necessary steps to avoid attracting bears. Not only is it unsafe to attracts bears, it is also in contravention of the Garrison Petawawa Nuisance Bear Policy (Administrative Instruction 6.105 – Pest Specific Strategy - Bears). For more information on the policy, contact Environmental Services at 613-687-5511 ex. 5960 or environment@forces.gc.ca.

Below are highlights of the Bear Policy and some additional tips on keeping bears away:
In Garrison:
• Ensure red garbage dumpster doors/lids are secure at all times (even in locked compounds);
• Keep outdoor common areas clean and garbage-free;
• BBQs shall be cleaned regularly and stored when not in use;
• Empty grease bins (from unit kitchens) at least FOUR times per year.
In Residential Housing Units:
• Store garbage in appropriate bins;
• Place garbage at the curb on the morning of pick-up day and not the night before;
• Do not fill bird feeders between April and October;
• Clean the grease from your BBQ regularly or keep your BBQ inside your garage/shed when not in use;
• Never leave pet food outside.

If you are experiencing a bear problem, please ensure all attractants have been eliminated.

If you are in immediate danger as a result of a bear, call the Military Police at 911 or 613-687-4444 from any outside line. If you encounter a bear while camping at Black Bear Campground, notify the staff at 613-687-7268, or call the Military Police at 911 in an emergency.

For general information about bear attractants contact Environmental Services at 613-687-5511 ex. 5960.