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PMFRC Board looking for new members

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday September 17, 2020

Deadline for resume submissions is September 18; visit www.CAFconnection.ca/Petawawa

For those wanting to make a difference in the local community, the Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre (PMFRC) Board of Directors is looking for new members.

There is room for three exceptional volunteers to make an impact, helping military families by leading the PMFRC in its continued growth.

“I think it is an amazing way to give back to the community,” said Julia Graydon, PMFRC Board of Directors Chairperson.

“We hear often that we have such an amazing organization and a strong board and they want to be part of that to help lead it forward,” she added.

Priority will be given to those who are bilingual as well as those with strategic planning, risk management or governance backgrounds. Still, anyone who feels that they have something to offer can apply.

“We are always looking to make sure that we have a good balance in that skill matrix we have developed looking for those specific things that make our board the most productive board we can be,” said Elizabeth Addicott, Secretary for the PMFRC Board of Directors.

Recruitment is a constant need for the board as members often come and go due to military postings as many of them are military spouses or are military members themselves. Skills vary within the group, and the hope is that recruits will further deepen the talent pool.

Regardless, it is a chance to give back to military families.

“You are helping an amazing organization and helping to support the executive director and the staff,” said Graydon.

Being on the board is a particularly valuable position for those who want to keep their abilities sharp while learning new skills and getting involved in the community. There are also educational and networking opportunities for those interesting in furthering their talents.

“I know a few of our board members from the last round said that they wanted to apply their skill sets that they’ve been trained for or gone to school for,” said Graydon, “and definitely want to put it into practice.”

Being a board member does involve a steady commitment. The average board member will spend at least 10 hours a month dedicated to their position, attending board meetings, preparing for upcoming meetings, attending different events and helping with various committees.

Deadlines for sending in a resume is on Sept. 18 with interviews following shortly after. But the board is always on the lookout for desirable candidates.

Those looking to join the Board of Directors can contact the PMFRC volunteer coordinator or visit www.CAFconnection.ca/Petawawa