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Rotary Club of Petawawa representative Ed Chow presents a cheque for $5,000 on behalf of the club to Rob Lazurko of the Petawawa Pantry Food Bank. The Pantry is one of the favoured charities of Petawawa Rotary, which regularly donates to the main food banks in Petawawa-Pembroke area. (Submitted photo)

Rotary donates to Petawawa Pantry


Posted on Thursday September 17, 2020

Recently the Rotary Club of Petawawa donated $7,500 to Petawawa Pantry to help with their mission during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Rotary Club is appreciative of the Boardwalk Gaming Centre, Pembroke (Bingo Hall) and Rotary District 7040 as well as the members of the Petawawa Rotary Club for providing the funds for this donation.

The Pantry is one of the favoured charities of Petawawa Rotary, which regularly donates to the main food banks in Petawawa-Pembroke area.

As well, the Rotary Club donates to Pembroke Regional Hospital equipment projects, Ottawa Valley hospice facilities, Petawawa community facilities such as Petawawa Housing Corporation for Senior Affordable living, Petawawa Public Library, various children and youth recreational and training facilities, Algonquin College building fund and Petawawa Centennial Family Health Centre building fund.

Other projects include the Water Park at the Civic Centre, the Ball Diamond #1, the Cenotaph at the Petawawa Legion, the Millennium Trail at Centennial Park, and other local improvements.

What is less visible is the Club’s support of students by providing bursaries each year to students going on to secondary training at the trades or college level. And this year we have also issued bursaries for University entrance students.

The Club has an interest in helping around the world as well, with an annual budget of over $10,000 being spent mainly on projects in Central America where living conditions in some small communities are unbelievably poor. Just imagine somebody having to spend a third of the day carrying water from a natural source to provide for the needs of a family. Or situations where sanitation facilities do not even exist.

These are situations that Petawawa Rotary chose to invest small to moderate sums to help improve the quality of life. And the reward is the look of appreciation on the faces of the people who benefit from the results of these projects which provide latrines or washroom facilities, piped in water, or have been assisted in ways to make them financially self-sufficient through financial start-up programs. One of our recent projects was to build a bridge to replace one that was washed out and resulted in children and adults having to walk an extra 15 km to do their shopping or go to school.

Of course, none of these international projects would be possible without the financial assistance of other clubs, the Rotary District 7040, Rotary International and sometimes the Canadian Government.

The Petawawa Rotary Club consists of a very dedicated group of women and men who are keen to help make the world a better place, and do so by industriously raising funds, planning and making things happen. Along the way, they enjoy the friendly association of fellow citizens who are like-minded in wanting to improve life, at home and abroad. There is a social side to membership which is cherished by the members.
Petawawa Rotary Club meets every Tuesday, when possible, at the Rotary Room in the Petawawa Public Library. See our website for information, at www.Petawawarotary.org