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Posted on Thursday September 3, 2020

Bulk Item pickup is the week of 13 TO 18 September 2020. Do not place bulk items out before 13 September 2020.

Please refer to the chart on your collection schedule to ensure that you are following the guidelines for bulk pickup items or refer to www.ovwrc.com

Note: Residents are still putting out large boxes, specifically furniture and television boxes. They will not be picked up because if they are larger than 18” as they will not fit in the space on the waste management truck. Please break these large cardboard boxes down to the required size. Also, remove the styrofoam and put it with your regular garbage in black plastic bags. If these steps are not followed, it costs money to have them disposed of.

Remember: if you have bulk items that need to be disposed of during the year, it is your responsibility to take these items to the waste disposal site. The details for directions and times they are open can be found on your Town of Petawawa Collection Schedule.

Two questions: ‘So what if I do?’ and ‘So what if I don’t?’ They both have consequences, however you will always come up with the right answer. If every occupant who reads this article tells a friend and that friend tells another friend, well, you can clearly see where this is going.

If you have any questions, specifically the 5Ws of living in a Residential Housing Unit, please refer to the Occupancy Handbook on line at www.cfha-alfc.forces.gc.ca, the Garrison Administrative Instructions, or simply give the Canadian Forces Housing Agency a call at 613-687-0000 and follow the instructions on the recording to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

We all have a responsibility to keep our environment a clean and safe place to live and play. I am confident that the residents of the Residential Housing Units will do what is right.

On behalf of The Canadian Forces Housing Agency and 4th Canadian Division Support Base Petawawa Personnel Services, I extend their gratitude and remind our residents to be safe and continue to follow the guidelines and procedures for COVID-19.
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