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    Westan Stiller kept his eye on the ball, swinging in the hopes of hitting a home run. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

    A baseball player mid-swing
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    Baseball is the first sport back in play with competitive games for its youth players. On Aug. 15, the Ottawa Valley Highlanders played against the Kanata Cubs at the Petawawa Indian Ball Diamond. Here, seconds before the opposing player reaches first base, Jake Scheuneman catches the ball. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

    A baseball flying towards a players mit
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    The Kanata Cub catcher’s mouth opens in shock and surprise as Rian Dowd hits the ball, further than either expected. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

    Batter starts to take off for first base



OVH youth baseball back in play

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday September 3, 2020

With baseball now permitted, the Ottawa Valley Highlanders (OVH) have hit the field, ready to take on their competition.

The game had to be slightly altered through the Ontario Baseball Association (OBA) safety regulations. Still, it remains relatively the same, so these young people can enjoy the sport without fear of getting sick.

“They are very organized and have proper protocols set in place that allowed us to return to sport,” said Andrew Chubak, OVH coach.

Baseball was the first youth sport allowed to return as it is an extreme sport with natural social distancing for most of the players.

The OVH offers a competitive baseball experience with U11, U13 and U16 teams, with the latter having played against the Kanata Cubs on Aug. 15 at the Petawawa Indian Ball Diamond.

These players came from as far as Golden Lake to face their competitors. Though they lost 3 to 2, they put on a good show, batting over 500 balls for the season.

“We had some of the best boys from Kanata and some of our best from Renfrew County representing the OV Highlanders,” said Chubak.

The Highlanders are still in their fledgeling phase, having been created about four years ago. But all their teams are still a force to be reckoned with, and they are well-known in the local sporting world.

“Little League is fun, but it wasn’t competitive enough for some of these kids,” said Dustin Dorken, OVH coach. “So we got into OBA.”

To see them return to the field warmed his heart.

“It’s good to see the kids outdoors,” said Dorken.

The season did start late, but they are making up for lost time, and they will stretch their playing out until Labour Day weekend.

To entice kids into the sport, they have created a baseball camp for those 12 and under.

This camp will be held on Sept. 12 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Petawawa Indian Ball Diamond, with a rain date the next day. Following the camp, people can enjoy watching the OVH’s U13s play their rivals.

McCluskey Group and Petawawa Tim Hortons sponsor this camp.

To register or for more information, please send a message to bruinz19@hotmail.com.