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    Peak Hot Yoga owners Heidi Erdle and Brianna Branch receive a warm welcome from Petawawa Business Advisory Network representatives Cindy Sell (left), Val Hyska (second from right) and councillor Theresa Sabourin (right). (Submitted photo)

    5 women stand in front of yoga studio with certificate of grand opening
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    On hand for the official ribbon cutting were Deputy Mayor Gary Serviss, councillor Theresa Sabourin, Peak Hot Yoga owner Heidi Erdle, Mayor Bob Sweet, owner Brianna Branch, and councillors Matthew McLean and James Carmody. (Submitted photo)

    Crowd stands in front of yoga studio for ribbon cutting
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    Peak Hot Yoga owners Heidi Erdle and Brianna Branch are congratulated on their new business by Mayor Sweet. (Submitted photo)

    The two owners of Peak Hot Yoga stand next to Mayor Sweet



Town of Petawawa welcomes Peak Hot Yoga to business community


Posted on Thursday September 3, 2020

PETAWAWA - The Town of Petawawa officially welcomed Peak Hot Yoga to its business community on August 12.

Located at 3067 Petawawa Boulevard, the studio space features a 1,000 sq. ft. yoga room, outfitted shower and washroom facilities, Lululemon retail and a space for Bodhi Wellness and Holistic Physiotherapy. The interior is a harmonious blend of natural woods with high end luxury finishes.

“Designing an elevated but inclusive culture where people feel welcome, respected, inspired, and belong, has been the motivation behind the creation of Peak Hot Yoga,” explained registered yoga teachers Brianna Branch and Heidi Erdle. “Our purpose is to support physical health and emotional resilience of our community, helping create healthier, happier and more successful families and individuals.”

Hot yoga promotes ease of movement and helps participants sweat and detoxify. The heat comes from an infrared system designed to warm participants; room temperature is adjusted to match the variation and difficulty of class instruction.

Peak Hot Yoga is a place to complement the greater community’s professional athletic pursuits but also a space for yoga students to dive deeper into their own experience, recover from the stresses of day-to-day and find calm.

To lear more about Peak Hot Yoga, please contact Brianna Branch or Heidi Erdle at 613-506-7325 or email team@peakhotyoga.com.