Dear CCMS: Dissatisfactory Decision


Posted on Thursday September 9, 2021


I am really troubled by a decision made by my boss. What can I do?

Most codes of professional conduct require their members to abide by different expected behaviours in the pre-decision phase than in the post-decision phase of the decision making process. Respectfully challenging the individual or group’s approach is an expected behaviour in the pre-decision phase to assist decision-makers to make sound, durable decisions. After the decision is made, however, we are expected to loyally carry out the lawful decisions of our leaders.

What can you do when you are dissatisfied with a decision? Well, it depends on where the dissatisfaction lies. Are you troubled that you were not engaged in the pre-decision process, that the decision wasn’t as collaborative as it could be? Have you or a group been disadvantaged by the decision? Do you see the decision as too narrow or unfair to you or others?

If you are feeling troubled by a decision made by your boss, there may be several options available. If you want to ensure a more collaborative approach is taken in the future, you might consider a collaborative Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) dialogue to discuss your concerns. If your rights have been infringed, you might consider a more formal mechanism.

We encourage you to speak with a Conflict and Complaint Management Services (CCMS) Agent who can assist you with making an informed decision on the right approach.