Advertising - Sales

The Petawawa Post offers a variety of advertising avenues to fit your business needs. We assist our advertisers in reaching Petawawa residents, both military and civilian, through advertising in the newspaper alongside editorial about our community. With a distribution of 7,800, we can reach both the residents of the Town of Petawawa and the residences and workplaces located on the Garrison itself.

We also offer flyer distribution. Flyers are inserted into the Petawawa Post and delivered to both the town and Garrison. Classified display and word ads are an ideal way to reach a specific target audience. Whether it be for the purpose of selling, buying, renting, offering jobs and more, the Petawawa Post classified page is an excellent advertising option.

Our business directory is a cost effective way of expanding the reach of your business. Listing local service companies in one place, allows potential customers to easily locate business that can provide what they need.

The Petawawa Post also offers several design services, including logo and flyer design.

If you're interested in advertising in any of our publications, or call 613-687-5511 ext 5386