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    Alice Chubak, winner of the Four A’s Award (Submitted photo)

    Alice displaying her award
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    Top Scorer awards for the competitive season - boys - Christopher Lavoie (Submitted photo)

    Christopher wearing a red shirt holding his award
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    Claire Williams, winner of the Alyson Ackman Award for Resilience in Sport (Submitted photo)

    Claire holding her award
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    ‘Most Improved’ Junior squad - Geneviève MacDonald (Submitted photo)

    Gen wearing a black shirt and hat, holding her award and her black cat
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    The Coaches Award for Sportsmanship and Team Spirit winner Kira Simpson (Submitted photo)

    Kira wearing a purple and red tye dye shirt holding her award
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    Top Scorer awards for the competitive season - boys - Malachi Kenny(Submitted photo)

    Malachi wearing a red shirt and shorts holding his award
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    ‘Rookie of the Year’ award winner Olivia White (Submitted photo)

    Olivia holding her award
  • ../../../images/Article_pics/july2020/9july/predatorsawards/images/Skye.jpg

    Skye Crouzat, the 2019/20 Petawawa Predators Swimmer of the Year (Submitted photo)

    Sky wearing a tye dye shirt and shorts holding her award
  • ../../../images/Article_pics/july2020/9july/predatorsawards/images/Wyatt.jpg

    Winner of The Tyler Daniel Memorial Award Wyatt Knockleby (Submitted photo)

    Tyler wearing a red and white striped shirt holding his award
  • ../../../images/Article_pics/july2020/9july/predatorsawards/images/Yara.jpgg

    ‘Most Improved’ Senior group - Yara Kheirallah. (Submitted photo)

    Yara holding her award



Athletes’ achievements celebrated at annual Petawawa Predators Swim Club Awards and Recognition Ceremony

By Jamie MacDonald

Posted on Thursday July 9th, 2020

On June 24, 2020, the Petawawa Predators Swim Club held their annual Awards and Recognition Ceremony by virtual ‘Zoom’ conference.

More than twenty member families tuned in through the virtual airwaves, to watch as Coach Chéla Breckon and Coach Jan Breckon guided the group through a recap of the highlights and success of the 2019/20 season. Being able to see each other for the first time in several months, the ‘Zoom’ conference was a much needed chance for the team to catch up, hang out and celebrate.

The ceremony highlighted the achievements of all of our swimmers and the coaching team, from the FUNdamentals group of kids starting their swim journeys, through the Novice group of kids learning to train, to the Junior and Senior Competitive groups who continuously challenge themselves and learn to compete and all of our excellent coaches who help the team achieve their goals every day in the water.

Despite the season having been shortened by the COVID-19 pandemic, the highlights were still just as impressive, and many wonderful accomplishments and memories that were shared by our competitive swimming community.  

Every one of our athletes experienced growth and success this year, and all deserve recognition for the work that they put in, as well as their contribution to our team spirit. Eleven of our athletes were recognized with individual awards for their achievements this past season.

The ‘Rookie of the Year’ award was presented to Olivia White, who has a great future ahead of her in the pool and beyond, after having joined the team this year as a true ‘rookie’. Swimming appears to be this young athlete’s thing!

In the ‘Most Improved’ categories, Geneviève MacDonald was recognized for the Junior squad, while Yara Kheirallah earned the nod for the Senior group. Both swimmers made amazing progress this year and were well-deserving winners in an entire pool of candidates! Keep up the good work!

The Coaches Award for Sportsmanship and Team Spirit was awarded to Kira Simpson from the Junior squad, whose energy, kindness and bright, infectious smile always puts everyone in a great mood on deck, during training or at meets. Nobody cheered louder while swimming so fast!

The Tyler Daniel Memorial Award was presented to Wyatt Knockleby, who joined the team this year and has demonstrated excellent commitment to the sport, and a desire to improve every week. Watch for this young athlete – he is part of the bright future of the club for certain!

Top Scorer awards for the competitive season were handed out on the boys side to Christopher Lavoie and Malachi Kenny, who blazed their way through the water all season, pushing each other and achieving stellar results at all levels, ending up in a virtual tie when the season was abruptly terminated.

For the girls, Gabriella Morris achieved the most overall points over her six meets during the season to earn Top Scorer, while posting ten personal best times during the season! All three of our top scorers showed amazing resolve and a dedication to competition all year. Congratulations!

The Four A’s Award is given out each season to the swimmer who embraces Attitude, Attendance, Ability and Achievement, exemplifying what it is to be a Petawawa Predator.

This season, Alice Chubak was selected as the deserving winner of this prestigious award. Alice never stops working, while all the while having an amazing attitude towards the process that can at times be truly challenging. Her dedication and ever-improving abilities made it easy to  recognize her with this unique honour.

One of our most cherished club awards is the Alyson Ackman Award for Resilience in Sport. This award is not given out every year – it takes a very special teammate to be selected for this honour. Alyson Ackman is an Olympic-level swimmer who has roots in the Predators program, and this award honour her resilience in achieving her personal best over all these years.

This year, this award was given to Claire Williams of our Senior Competitive team, who overcame any and all challenges throughout the season to continuously achieve ever-loftier goals.

Claire absolutely excelled in the pool this season and was the embodiment of resilience. She pushed herself to start swimming longer distance events while improving her stamina and technique all year. Our coaches and the entire team could not be prouder of this amazing young athlete.

Last but certainly not least, the 2019/20 Petawawa Predators Swimmer of the Year award was presented to Skye Crouzat.

Skye has been swimming at a highly competitive level with the club for several years, and has tirelessly worked hard towards her personal goals not only in the pool, as well as in other sports. She has leveraged her experiences as a multi-sport athlete to help improve her performance in all of her pursuits, and this year showed that the sky is truly her limit in what she can accomplish!

Through her determination and effort, Skye capped off a stellar season by competing in three disciplines at the 2020 Ontario Winter Championship meet in Etobicoke, ON. Skye competed against some of Canada’s elite swimmers, including Olympic medalists such as Taylor Ruck and Penny Oleksiak. The future is extremely bright for this young athlete, and we could not be prouder to stand beside her as a team.

The Club now turns its attention to being ready to kick off the 2020/21 season, hopefully in September 2020.

If your family is interested in our inclusive club, and the competitive swimming programs and personal growth opportunities that we offer at the Dundonald Hall Aquatic Centre, drop us a message at predatorspetawawa@gmail.com today!