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    (Left to right) Madison Oggelsby, Brooklynn Snow and Miranda Slate received a pin and a certificate acknowledging their completion of the Lady Baden-Powell Challenge, the highest achievement a Guide can earn. Usually completed in the last year of Guiding, the distinction includes completing the Guide program area badges and other challenges, as well as an added service project.(Photo by Lisa Brazeau)

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    Ranger Reagan Tremblay, the only Petawawa Ranger, was presented with her “Lone” pin, and was awarded the Chief Commissioner’s Bronze Award as well as her Pathfinder Citizenship Certificate. The Chief Commissioner’s award has three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Chief Commissioner’s Gold award is the ultimate award a youth member can earn within Girl Guides of Canada. (Photo by Lisa Brazeau)

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    Pathfinder Danica Faubert (centre) with leaders Monica Young (left - wearing her own Canada Cord) and Tammy Mundy (right), was presented with the highest award a Pathfinder can obtain, the Canada Cord, as well as her Community Service Pin and Pathfinder Citizenship Certificate. To earn the Canada Cord, tasks include planning and leading three camps and/or leadership events, earning the community service award by working 15 hours of community service, complete a First Aid course given by a recognized agency, and earn a citizenship certificate by doing eight activities out of the ‘Be a Model Citizen’ module. (Photo by Lisa Brazeau)



Petawawa Girl Guides of Canada recognize significant accomplishments

Community News

By Lisa Brazeau

Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Girl Guides of Canada Community 27, which includes the 4th Petawawa Sparks, the 6th Petawawa Brownies, the 6th Petawawa Guides and the 2nd Petawawa Pathfinders and Rangers, celebrated the achievements of several of its members at a ceremony on June 6.