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    Jimmy Gilbert and Anthony Robidoux transform these seemingly normal balloons into a variety of animals. These air-filled creatures and their owners were spotted throughout the event, having the time of their lives. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

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    Grace Gendron transforms Connor George into Ironman with her artistic talent. Soon, everybody was clamouring for their own superhero makeover. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

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    Audrey, Buddy and Katie Griger take a break from playing in the game room. It was chock-full of different toys for kids to enjoy quietly. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

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    Aila Ling, 2, hesitates before petting this pony. It was one of many animals brought to the PMFRC’s party for children and adults to enjoy. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

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    Feeling lucky, are you? Fabulous prizes could be won with the right hand at the Black Jack table. Jesse Kisters and Guy Petit were the dealers for the day. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)

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    As soon as visitors entered the South Side Community Centre, they were welcomed by PMFRC Board of Directors Chairwoman Selina Robb and PMFRC Executive Director Claudia Beswick. They handed out gift bags filled with goodies to all.(Photo by Patricia Leboeuf)



PMFRC Summer Kick Off

Community News

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2016

Despite the rain, Petawawa residents still turned out in droves to attend the Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre (PMFRC) Summer Kick Off. On June 10, the South Side Community Centre opened its doors, offering countless activities for all ages. Sports and games, a petting zoo, an all-age talent show, a free barbecue lunch, face painting, balloon animals, a mega yard sale, vendors, an adult painting class and photobooth were just part of the fun activities celebrating the upcoming warmer months.