Provincial recognition for Felicia Arsenault

Community News


Posted on Thursday, June 9, 2016

Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO) has bestowed the honour of HIGH FIVE® Champion upon Community Recreation Coordinator, Felicia Arsenault. As the team leader for the HIGH FIVE® initiative at Garrison Petawawa, Felicia worked tirelessly to ensure the successful development and integration of HIGH FIVE® principles into local Community Recreation Programs. “To be recognized for something I do every day was unexpected and special,” Felicia notes. “I truly believe in the HIGH FIVE® mission and vision and wanted to be part of something that was making a difference and positively impacting our children.” Many children will benefit from the quality of programming that Felicia has championed for on behalf of all residents of Garrison Petawawa. Congratulations Felicia. (Left to right) Larry Ketcheson, CEO, Parks and Recreation Ontario; Felicia Arsenault, HIGH FIVE® Champion; P.A. Sophie Kiwala and Michael Cleland, Past President, Parks and Recreation Ontario. (Submitted photo)