Town of Petawawa launches Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Survey


Posted on Thursday May 6, 2021


Information on the Town of Petawawa CIP is available on the municipal website at

PETAWAWA – The Town of Petawawa has started the process of developing a Community Improvement Plan (CIP). The Town has retained WSP, a consulting firm, to assist on this exciting project.

A CIP is a planning and economic development tool that municipalities can use to address a range of objectives including community revitalization, rehabilitation, development, and redevelopment. Some examples of CIP objectives include the following:

• Stimulating private investment and re-investment through incentive programs such as grants from the Town;
• Promoting revitalization and place-making to attract tourism, business investment and economic development opportunities;
• Promoting brownfield cleanup and redevelopment; and
• Enhancing streetscapes, signage and building façades.

The entire Town of Petawawa is the study area, where the CIP will be considered. The community improvement project area (CIPA), where the incentive programs will be made available, will be defined as part of the project process. This may include the entire Town or a portion of the Town.

WSP was retained in April 2021 and it is anticipated that the CIP will be completed by October 2021. The CIP will be developed in collaboration with community members, local landowners, Town staff and the Petawawa Business Advisory Network (PBAN), which is comprised of representatives of the local business community. Throughout the development of the CIP, community members are invited to provide feedback and ideas.

Community members are invited to take part in an online survey that will inform the CIP. The online survey will be made available until May 7, 2021 and includes questions about the vision, goals and objectives for the CIP.

There will be other opportunities for community and Council engagement throughout the process, including:

• An Information Presentation anticipated to be held in May 2021;
• A Workshop to present and obtain feedback on the Draft CIP, anticipated to be held in July 2021; and
• A Statutory Public Meeting anticipated to be held in September 2021.

Information on the Town of Petawawa CIP is available on the municipal website at