Road Closures and Detours October 2017


Posted on Thursday, October 12, 2017

In support of major construction projects across the Garrison, there will be numerous road closures in October 2017. Each road closure will have detours to mitigate any major impacts on access and traffic flow

Intersection of Lens Rd
and Somme Rd:

Installing a ductbank under roadway at Lens Rd near the intersection of Lens Rd and Somme Rd from 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct 18 until 12 p.m. Thursday, Oct 19.

This will impact all traffic at the intersection.

Detour: Based on the contract drawings, this closure can be detoured by using the other Lens Rd entrance to the parking lot. In order to bypass the closure, traffic will need to turn South on Lens Rd and turn West on Arras Rd which will then give them access back to Lens Rd (See map). All Garrison employees should plan accordingly.

 POC – Capt N.J. Biederman, Requirements O, RP Ops det Petawawa, at local 6407.