Wearing the scarf are Sweet (far right) and Rideough. Hinchley (far left) and Petawawa Heritage Society member Bob McKenzie were both instrumental the two-year project.

Official tartan for Petawawa


Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Town of Petawawa now has an official tartan, unveiled before council and Scotland-native Mayor Bob Sweet, who accepted it on behalf of the town. It was a two-year project spearheaded by the Petawawa Heritage Society. Society member Sharon Rideough took on the lion’s share of work, researching the colours and materials and corresponding with representatives in Scotland to make sure that not only was it an original product, but it also met the requirements of a tartan. She even looked into the Scottish Register of Tartans, a searchable database of tartan designs administered by the National Records of Scotland, to ensure it was unique. Once she decided on a concept, she then contacted weaver Robert Hinchley to make the scarves. The tartan was designed to incorporate colours that symbolize the area’s history, geography, and culture. Burgundy is the town colour, blue symbolizes the area’s rivers, gold is for Petawawa’s sandy terrain, black is for Highway 17 and the green is for the military as well as the forestry industry.