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Logistics Association chapter opening in Petawawa

By Capt Nickolaos D. Kriaris

Posted on Thursday, October 26, 2017

It is with great pleasure that we, the members of the Canadian Forces Logistics Association (CFLA) - Petawawa Chapter , would like to thank the Logistics Branch Integrator, RSM (Col Johnson and CWO Côté), the CA G4, Col Quinn and the command team of 2 Service Battalion (LCol Kennedy and CWO White), for attending the CFLA’s Petawawa Chapter inaugural event on Thursday 21 Sept 17.

The event, titled the Meet and Greet was well attended by Logisticians of all trades and ranks from around the Petawawa area who gathered to reconnect, hear keynote presenters and have some cake!

The Meet and Greet itself began at 1930 hrs at the Petawawa Legion with presentations by Col Johnson, Mr. Page (CLFA President), Col Quinn, LCol Kennedy and Maj Gaudet regarding various aspects affecting Logisticians living in Petawawa and around the country.

Col Johnson presented the Logistics Branch and the challenges and efforts being made to unite the branch. Mr. Page presented a riveting expose on the CFLA (the National Association) and how the branches unification efforts are encouraged to coincide with those of the CFLA. This was followed by Col Quinn who noted the importance of this local committee to foster Esprit-de-Corps and LCol Kennedy summarizing the opportunities and challenges facing all logisticians on current operations and exercises in the upcoming year. Finally, Maj Gaudet presented the Logistics 50th year event summary including the Logistics Flag run and the 50th anniversary Mess Dinner and parade on Parliament Hill.

As we move towards the Logistics 50th year next year, the CFLA is endeavoring to establish the association in all the various regions that logisticians serve. The Petawawa Chapter is the local chapter of the CFLA with the mandate to foster Esprit-de-Corps, professional connectivity and history of the Logistics branch. The Meet and Greet was our inaugural event that we hope would lead to further events such as a “Beer and Chips Card Night” and exploring our collective history. If you would like to get involved in the CFLA - Petawawa Branch we hold meetings every second Tuesday at the Petawawa Legion; or you may contact Capt Nickoloas Kriaris at nickolaos.kriaris@forces.gc.ca or WO Laughlin at MICHAEL.LAUGHLIN@forces.gc.ca.