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Operation CleanSweep: RHU Residents - Fall Season

By Commissionaire WO Gary Harrington

Posted on Thursday October 15, 2020

All residents of the residential Housing Units Take Note: If you have bulk items you need to dispose of, it is your responsibility to take these items to the dump. Please do not put them on the road side, they will not be picked up.

Directions to the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre and times they are open can be found on your Town of Petawawa Collection Schedule. There has been a conscious effort to maintain a clean and safe environment in the Residential Housing Units. By following a few simple rules, we can easily manage our household waste:

1. Ensure that waste is in the correct bin.
2. Styrofoam and plastic bags are normal garbage.
3. Break down large cardboard, for example television boxes and mattress boxes.
4. Blue bin waste is to be flattened and broken down so it fits in the bin.
5. Return bins to your residence ASAP after collection.
6. Do not put out garbage until the day of pickup.
8. The moving boxes left over once you have moved into your RHU will be collected, in most cases, by the moving company. As residents you must make this arrangement yourself. This will certainly mitigate the amount of cardboard you would have to deal with on collection day.
9. Take note on which days you have leaf pick up.

All residents can take a proactive approach, which will contribute to a safe and clean environment for all.

In accordance with the Canadian Forces Occupancy Handbook and the Garrison Petawawa Administrative Instructions, your residence, both inside and out, must be maintained. One issue that the majority of our residents often forget is while you are away from your residence for more than 48 hours, you are obliged to inform CFHA and pass on to them who the contact is in case of an emergency, or maintenance scheduled to be done while you are away. There is also information that can assist you with issues and situations you may not be aware of. I would encourage all residents to familiarize themselves with what your responsibilities are:

This year, there have been many construction projects in the Residential Housing Units, particularly on the north side. Many of these initiatives have, and still will, disrupt your family and individual routines.

You will notice that as work continues, local traffic and residents in those affected areas can drive, put out garbage and, in some cases, walk near the areas of construction. Safety is paramount for all our residents, particularly the young ones as they are inquisitive and need to know what is going on. Residents, there is light at the end of the tunnel as sidewalks, roads and, in many cases, newly sodded lawns are well on the way to completion. What a difference a few months can make. The Canadian Forces Housing Agency and 4th Canadian Division Support Base Personnel Services thank all our residents for their patience and perseverance during construction.

NOTE: During the winter months from 1 November 2020 to 31 March 2021, all recreational vehicles, to include trailers, all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and motorcycles, are not permitted to be parked in the Residential Housing Units common parking lots. Parking in designated overflow areas is encouraged for your guests.

All in an effort to maintain a standard of living we can all enjoy and appreciate.
Pro Patria